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I am going to be entering my bulking phase soon and I will be double dosing on Mag-10. Which training routine should I use: Growth Surge Project, ABBH, or ABBH2 and why? Thanks for your help!


I have done the growth surge with Mag 10 and ABBH without any ph. I loved both programs, and got good results from both. If you are limiting yourself to just those three choices I would say growth surge do to the higher volume of training and the recovery the Mag 10 will give you.

I would like to suggest you also look at CW’s Quatro Dynamo program also. I havent tried it yet, but ppl are reporting good results with it and PH assistance. Actually CW suggest not to even attempt it without a PH or other.

Hope that helps.

There was a survey done in the forums earlier this month, and OVT and ABBH got the most votes. Here’s the link…

I did the Quattro Dynamo program and took Mag-10 the last 2 weeks and had great results. I have also had good results with ABBH and am doing it again now. Haven’t tried MAg-10 with ABBH, but I’m sure it would be good considering it is such a good program without using any PHs.


EDT is also very good for bulking routines.

Mike Mahler

I’m planning on doing 12 weeks of CT’s Pendulum Bodybuilding with mag-10 support starting in july. CT outlined the mag-10 protocol for it in a post here on the boards, just use the search function and you should find it.

If I went with ABBH, how would I incorporate the “train twice a day” protocol Mag-10 calls for?

You don’t have to train twice a day for Mag-10 to work, that was just one suggested program. ABBH is great by itself. I like to do abs in a separate session sometimes though and given that you’ll have improved recovery from Mag-10 you can probably add the arms option to the Waterbury program, maybe in another session.

I agree that Mag-10 will produce results on 1x/day workouts, but the recovery it affords you means that 2x/day doesn’t cause you to suffer from overtraining. Imagine 2 intense workouts per day, 2 opportunities for Surge to do the most good, 2 opportunities for your body to enter a state where food does the most good.

Having tried Mag-10 with 1x/day AND 2x/day routines, I’d urge anyone to try to do the 2x/day for best effect. “Make hay while the sun shines!”

Thanks guys for your help! I agree with TShaw: “make hay while the sun shines”. I want to maximize my opportunity while on Mag-10. Are you guys saying I could do the ABBH routine twice a day while “on” and once a day while “off”? And, if so, do I do the same workout in the morning and evening? Or, do workout A in the morning, workout B in the evening, then, workout C the next morning, and workout D that evening, then repeat? Thanks again!


As much as Mag-10 helps with recovery, I don’t think you want to do a heavy workout for any muscle group and then do it again 24 hours later. If you do ABBH as you describe, you’ll be doing upper body on Monday and again on Wednesday. It could work, especially if you are in excellent shape and your natural recovery ability is good. I couldn’t do it, but then I am NOT in the top percentile around here.

Growth Surge Project is designed to accommodate 1x/day OR 2x/day. If you can do 2x/day, why not do GSP? Then muscle groups are spread out over three days and six workouts. If you WANT to do some kind of cardio on the designated Days Off, you can.

Just a suggestion: GSP (2x/day) for the 2 weeks of the Mag-10 cycle, and immediately follow it with ABBH (instead of Phase III of GSP)? This last time, I discovered that my strength continued to go up the week I went off Mag-10 (I immediately went on standard doses of Tribex and Red Kat); almost two weeks later, and I haven’t lost anything that I gained during the Mag-10.

Look forward to hearing how it works out for you.


Thanks for your help TShaw.