Ok people. I have a serious question. How long do you usually go on a bulking cycle, and can you go on a bulking cycle for a very extended period of time. The reason I ask is because I want to be able to get to a weight that allows me to cut down while still being much larger than I was. Because I think it is silly to bulk up 15 lbs and then cut off 8-10 lbs in order to get ripped. So what are some of your opinions? My second question concerns whether or not it would be worth to go on a 4-AD of Mag-10 cycle in the final weeks of my bulking cycle in order to cement my gains and possibly add some extra LBM. What do you think? I haven’t given any stats, but let me know what you t-people think. Thanks in advance.

Some people will have different opinions of course. You’ll get the opinion of don’t go over 15% bf while bulking, then cut down to 7%, then bulk again, and so forth. Well, what I typically do (not going to this year), is bulk Mid Aug → March. Then cut for summer. Or, just go crazy like some dawgs here, and figure out maximum muscularity with loss of bf or retaining bf while adding LBM.

Most of the strength coaches I’ve talked to don’t recommend going more than 4-5%bf above your goal. For instance, if you would like to be around 200lbs.@6%bf but currently are at 185@6%bf you would bulk up until you got to around 10-11%bf and then cut down to within close to 6% again. If done properly, you should have put on a few pounds of lean mass. Just repeat this process until you get to your goal, going up and down, bulking and cutting. By the way, if you want to get to under 10%bf but are currently around 15%, you shouldn’t even think about bulking until you get bf% down.