Im 5’11 at 150 10%bf now i wanna bulk starting next monday…and then after 1 month im gonna cut up again. when i bulk, Can i eat anything? i looked this question all over the faq and i couldnt find it. And does anyone have any sugestions

You get a little more freedom with your diet, but in general you should keep your diet clean. Higher GI carbs like pasta, potatoes and breads are allowed during serious bulking cycles. The cleaner you can keep your diet, the more likely you will primarily gain lean body mass.

I agree completely with Jason. Generally speaking, my maintnence and cutting diets are so strict that I don’t even allow myself the “treat” of an occasional glass of milk. Therefore, when I go on a bulking cycle, while I still keep it very, very clean, I allow myself considerably more freedom. If you’ve been cutting for a long time and denying yourself all sort of goodies, do yourself a favor and accept one or two invitations out to pizza or what have you. Have a cookie, bro. If you have to deny yourself constantly, it takes the fun out of bulking. Just keep it clean and high cal, with some scattered bad stuff thrown in. Hope this helps.

this is my first week of “bulking”, started saturday (YEEE-HAAW !!) with mag-10, and myostat. i know what i want macronutrient-wise per day, and i’m meeting it. but if i want some sort of shit food, i’ll eat that too. i just try to eliminate or at least greatly minimize the foods that contain “partially hydroginated vegitable oils” and “high fructose corn syrup”. tonight is leg night, and after i take in my protein/carb shake right after the workout, i get to go home and eat a big-ass pot roast my wife is making… growth is good !

At 5’11" and 150 - you should eat everything you can get your hands on for the next year. I guess it depends on your goals but you will need to gain some fat along the way with your bulking cycle - dont let that scare you - you will be able to diet it off easily. Got to be a big pig to get big.

based on your stats you should try bulking for a lot longer than a month. you can’t accomplish a whole lot in a months training. not to mention that whatever you do gain will probably be lost when you start dieting again.