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What’s up guys? I was looking for a little insight on what was a good but realistic LBM to fat ratio to gain during a non prohormone bulking cycle. I have bulked in the past and have gained 7lbs LBM to 7 fat, and 5lbs LBM to 9lbs fat. I don’t know if the measurements were wrong or my diet was crap(pound a week diet in previous T-mag issue). I was thinking of doing something similar to the growth suge this time but would be open to suggestions. My stats are 5’10", 165lbs, 6%BF if that helps. And I know that JB’s massive eating is the diet that most will suggest but I seem to find it realy inconvenient to eat/prepare that much food. I eat this way while maintaining or cutting but bulking is just to much. If there are some previously skinny bastards out there with tips send them this way. Thanks.

I hope that you don’t think that you are a skinny bastard. I have almost the same measurements but I have a higher bf%. I use to be about 135-140 though. It is all in what you eat. If you don’t want to eat 4000 cals a day then you will take forever. Also it does sound like your past diet was crap. you should not gain that much bf. If you don’t want to prepare all that food, then you will be in a bad situation. You will have to eat a lot of tuna and stuff that is easy to make. Try to keep everything as lean as possible. The only part of JB’s mass diet is that there are too many carbs. I am still trying to find a way that I can eat 4000-5000 cals a day without all those carbs. I wish that chicken could have 400 cals per serving. Eat a lot of cheese,tuna, chicken, eggs, seeds, nuts, milk.

There are plenty of Massive Eating compatible foods that require under 10 minutes a day to fix for the entire day’s meals. If you want quick eating and preparation, Protein Factory offers plenty of things you could blend that are Massive Eating compatible and provide plenty of cals; then you could eat a few pounds of vegetables some time in the day when you have plenty of time to eat.

If you’re unwilling to do what you know you should do because it’s too inconvenient, then why are you asking the question? Shit or get off the pot.

A good muscle to fat ratio, around 2 to 1 or 60-70% muscle. You seem to be gaining way to much fat, better look at your diet and see what caused this poor muscle to fat ratio. Your ratios seem more appropriate for someone around 20-25% Bfat.

BTW, don’t expect to get muscle by using only convenience. Prepare lots of meal at the same time to cut down prep. time to a minimum.

Finally, 165lbs at 5’10’’ and 6%bf is quite good. Don’t give up for convenience only!


Thanks for the replies and zev thanks for the kick in the ass. On my bulking diet I am going to stick with the massive eating program upping my kcal and eating only 2 PF meals a day. I know this diet is going to work out better than previous diets and the extra prep time is worth it. I will go off for a meal or so every couple of days but oh well, we can’t all be perfect. On a training note however I wanted people’s opinions on neurally demanding routines (i.e. 5x5 deads, power cleans, push press) and where to fit them in periodization schemes. Have you used them while bulking, cutting etc. and how were your results?

Agree with zev. If you’re not willing to do the work int he kitchen as well as the gym, you’re not going to get too far.

As for the neuro question, I personally (as a recovering ectomorph) favor routines that are higher in volume when bulking. If your diet’s good you shouldn’t overtrain.

Try the “Get Big” diet by Tom Incledon. I think it was issue 107 of T-Mag but not sure, do a search for it if that’s not it. Not nearly as many kcals as JB’s “Massive Eating”, though “Get Big” also contains quite a bit of carbs too.

Here’s what I would do:

pick a point either 15 kcal per lb or go through the math of massive eating. Consider that your baseline, measure bodyfat % and weight, then every four to seven days remeasure and chart. It is easy to calculate the lbs of fat you are gaining versus muscle. After 2-3 weeks make changes up or down by 10% or macro %'s. The most important thing to do is write down anytime you deviate from healthy eating (i.e. pizza), I neglect to do this and get mad because my diet is falling when I should just look in the mirror because it’s my fault, not Berardi’s, for leading me astray. I would say anytime you are doubling muscle gain to fat gain you should not tinker with your diet.

When bulking, I prefer to alternate from higher volume(i.e EDT/GVT…) and higher intensity(5x5, 1/6…). I use each for 3 weeks phases. It might look like this:

Bulking cycle I
weeks 1-3: EDT @ 70-80%
weeks 4-6: 5x5 or 1/6 or 6x2-4 @ 80-90+%
weeks 7-9: EDT @ 70-80%
week 10: Off
repeat or do something like this
weeks1-3: 5x5
weeks4-6: EDT
weeks7-9: 5x5

So I alternate between Accumulation and Intensification.

To be honest, I’ve found the routines don’t matter much when I bulk up. Different routines will bring different adaptations, which is usually positive.

My 2 cents,