Is there such a thng as bulking too long? I bulked for about 11 weeks and I took a week off because I was looking a little fat, But I was really just bloated. Now I want to keep going until I can put on another 20 lbs. Is this unreasonable? I know that it partially depends on how much fat I am willing to gain, but as a friend of mine says,“Just get sloppy”. I’ve read about people bulking for a few weeks, then cutting. Could this be a good approach to ensure that I don’t gain too much? Thanks.

I bulked for four years straight. There is no way I would have ever broken 200lbs if I hadn’t. Why would you assume there is a limit?

If your goal is to get really big then you need to accept the fact that you WILL get fatter when you are bulking. And if you expect to get huge you should probably plan for VERY long bulking cycles.

I’ve been “bulking” for over a decade…Basically just getting sloppy. There’s a better way. Eat big BUT eat clean! You’ll gain some fat but not to the extent that I did. IMO, all a hardgainer is is someone who “can’t”? eat all the food they’re supposed to. Eat big, eat clean but IMO once you get into the mid-late teens in bodyfat start cutting. Food for thought…