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Bulking Without Using Steroids

Being a Pro-Bodybuilder and a normal man is very different. I used Deca and Test in the past and had my weight increased from 72 KG to 84 KG from that cycle but the worst part of my experience was “LOSS IN LIBIDO” “LOW TEST PRODUCTION” etc. The side effects were actually those massive hormonal imbalance. But fortunately with the help of @KSman I recovered… So, what do you think that a normal guy (non pro bodybuilder) like me who just wants to have a physique with a good posture and good symmetry of the muscles should do? What should I include in my natural diet so that I don’t need to juice up to attain that level… My height is 183 cm and body weight 82 Kg… Currently I am using the following diet:

  1. 8 egg whites with 2 yolks
  2. Rice in every meal for calories
  3. 4 bananas
  4. tribulus 1000 mg
  5. Multi-Vitamins with selenium zinc, magnesium and calcium
  6. Drinking baout 8-10 litres of water per day
  7. 1 protein scoop (25 gm)

I eat alot of rice and try to cover much calories because i am a naturally lean guy and want to gain… Kindly share your thoughts about some products that help boost the protein synthesis and increase weight… Recently, i heard arginen is very good for body too… So, guys kindly throw some light on this topic so that i can increase my level naturally in normal amount of cash because the point here is I dont wish to be very very massive… comment please

I get the impression that you are looking for a magic supplement. They don’t exist. Just make small consistent gains and eat a bit above maintenance. You may need more protein (Chicken, beef, fish) in your diet.


I like what you are doing and as Irishman said you should probably add more protein. The fact is building quality muscle is a slow process and some trainees get discouraged and give up far too soon. Keep at it. If you build a pure 5 to 10 pounds of muscle in one year you are doing great. I know that might not sound like much but I am talking about pure muscle. Anyone can pack on the pounds and bulk up but it will usually be mostly fat. And along the way you might be able to build more muscle if you gain a bit of fat.

The old time bodybuilders knew how to bulk up and then trim down keeping most of the muscle that they gained. And this was before Steroids were on the scene. It can be done naturally just keep at it, don’t give up and don’t expect results over night. But just think of the quality muscle you will put on over time!

Good Luck,


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I’ll give you the same reply I would have given 10 years ago here on tnation. Eat protein. Buckets of it.
I see you trying to supplement but you have not mentioned your training weight included pictures or what you are lifting in kgs. So stop the 90lb marathoner diet and forget the egg whites. And eat whole eggs. Stop relying on rice as your main source of calories. Lift heavy lift a lot and eat a shit ton of protein I gained approx 25lbs every year for four years and by the time I was done I was 200lbs at approx 8-10% body fat. Eating 3-4000 calories sometimes 5k or more. Lots of sprinting and high intensity shit and lifting heavy shit. And being active as fuck. Use the search function on nutrition and eating. There are many many years of articles forum posts that will get you started. You are doing it all wrong


@zaztha kindly tell me how you recovered from Deca sick.

I m currently in same situation as you

The truth is that most of the people always face deca dick problem because of 2 reasons:

  1. Hormonal: The hormones are imbalanced in the body after leaving deca
  2. psychological: When we psychologically become aware of this situation the libido in the brain dies automatically because LIBIDO exists all in head!

Actually, i just used deca for 1 and a half month and I did not need PCT that thime because my cycle was too small to have a pct, I just neeeded one serm for 2 or 3 days. But my stupid pro-bpdybuilder friend put me on a very high PCT i.e. 20000 IU of HCG and using both SERMS Clomid and NOvla for next 20 days… My libido increased on day 1 but later my libido kept on decreasing until i found out on day 15th that my dick doesn’t feel anything… I tried to masturbate and to my surprise the dick wasnt reacting at all… That’s when i got aware of the situation and my libido in my brain became DEAD…So, that being said, a doctor told me that this problem will be recovered automatically within 3 months because now my brain knows it and when brains knows it, its very hard to erase that fact in brain… he also added that i should’ve not done any PCT because my cycle was too small to do it… Later then i found @KSman on Tnation and he told me what to do… He told me that actually it was a very very stupid PCT and it shoud never be stacked with 2 serms or hcg plus SERm… Just a serm or HCG only would be enough… he told me to stop my PCT because this PCT has caused estrogen rebound in my testicles which is very dangerous because it converts all testosterone into estrogen… he told me to take a lot of Iodine, vitamins, Selenium etc. and i did that and within 10 days i recovered… i did sex with my girlfriend for 3-4 hours a day … i was happy to get my libido back

Thanks for this great advice… Can you please tell me some cheap caloric sources ?

thanks sir, i respect your advice

Whole milk. Doesn’t need to be a gallon a day. Adding 1/3 of a gallon a day will do.

@zazthakindly tell me the amounts of vitamins and the quantities in a bit detail if possible

@zaztha kindly tell me about the
amounts of vitamins and quantities used. Will help me tremendously

pinto beans, beans, potatoes, eggs, olive oil, butter, ground meat (beef pork), more beans, peanut butter, whole grain bread, cheap fruits depends on where you live and what access you have at markets.

You need to step your protein game up. I eat a minimum of 200grams of protein a day to 300grams. Even as a kid I was eating 150-200+ every single day. Hell eat pizzas burgers and fries if you have to.

resistance train - weight train - only cardio after warm-up run/jogs : you should do is sprint, ever seen an olympic sprinter that was skinny and scrawny? You can keep eating rice but you need to start pouring on protein and more calories. combine that with 3-4 days a week of training until you can do 5-6 a week if you are really obsessed on building muscle and gaining healthy weight.

im sure the others will have some good things to share. thats my 2 cents

So there are a number of problems with your eating if you are trying to bulk. 1. How much rice is a lot for you? that is pretty much the majority of your calories and yet you didn’t list what kind and how much per day. 2. Dear god man, protein, protein, and more protein. Trying to bulk by eating almost nothing but carbs is like pouring octane booster in your car and expecting it to run better, but forgetting to even put gas in the tank! 3.

Macros aside, you are probably lacking in calories more than anything. I overestimated everything that you properly listed a quantity for, and given that no type or amount of rice was given, i opted for white rice at 6 cups per day because thats a fairly hefty amount. So unless you eat alot more rice than that, you are sitting around 2000 kcals a day or a bit less…unless you weigh a 110 skin n bones, that isn’t gonna do shit for someone trying to bulk.

Also, as vague as you were about describing food, you listed out exact amounts of supps and even rambled about various ones that you heard worked well. I got news for you, no amount of tribulus, multis, zma’s, or other basic vitamins and minerals will help you put mass on, not unless you are anemic and an iron supplement will help. For someone who touts himself as not wanting to use steroids, you seem to not want nutrition advice, but a magic pill to help you bulk…but about the only magic pills that do that are steroids. You want to bulk? Eat more, lift big and do it right, dont eat like a bird and expect some bcaa’s to put muscle on you dude.