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Bulking Without Creatine


I'm on a bulking diet and training program, however, I am not taking any creatine. I'm wondering if I am losing some serious bulking results from not using creatine. I use whey protein, and I know that they are different, however, I would like to know if creatine really makes that big of a difference?


I am wondering that too myself.


It dosent do that much, if your woried you could always eat more sleep more and train harder just increasing those things slightly will help loads more than creatine

but its pretty cheap I would say go ahead you have nothing to lose



apart from steroids you cannot get a better training aid than creatine. It will make you stronger, recover better and put on some size too. Don't use anything other than creapure though


Anymore creatine advice?


Food. Seriously, if you don't eat sufficient carbs, fats and protien and get enough vitamins and minerals you are wasting your time with creatine. Also, sleep is super-important like N3wb said. It's pretty hard to be setting PRs and packing on size with little sleep.

Creatine does work if you get a good brand and load it properly. Micronized German Creatine Monohydrate is supposed to be the shizzy. Creatine ethyl esters and other products like that haven't really ever worked for me personally but monohydrate has. Just make sure you're getting proper nutrition and drinking at least a gallon of water a day.


does it have to be water? I mean I drink about 2 gallons of vitamin milk a week that I buy plus sugar water and juices. I dont really drink straight water unless its during a workout where its from a water fountain.

I heard ethel ester is a newer better form of creatine but thats wat I heard and am not sure if its true.



But seriously, it's not taht big of a deal at all. People severely overestimate the importance of supplements.


This whole thread belongs in the beginners section...

Seriously- Creatine is not the end all be all of supplements. If you aren't training as hard as you possibly can, and your diet is not 100% on par- there really is no reason to consider using supplements. Sure they can't hurt, but worrying if you are losing potential because you're not taking is retarded.

And CEE is pure crap and has been proven so. Mono is the only type worth even looking at. And Creapure is pure crap. I'm not saying Biotest's is better than everyone else, but it is definitely better quality than that crap.


Everyone has different ideas on which kind of creatine to use, I feel it depends on the user themself. Biotests creatine is good, CEE works for me as well.

Personally if you are working as hard as you can I don't feel that you would be forced to use creatine, but it would be helpful.


Glad to see you're coming around----a little


CEE is not crap. There's just no evidence that it does anything beyond monohydrate, making it a waste of money since it's usually more expensive.


Hm, not trying to stir the pot, but I find creatine utterly useless, it even gives me headaches. As engrams said, diet and training is really the all important thing.


Forget the creatine!

I hear it causes hair loss. Plus, I see fat people that got fat by just eating. I can bulk without the creatine. Thanks for the input, though, guys!


The more I read your posts the more I realize how little you know and how unwilling to learn you are.


He said pot.


listen up buddy, i'm going to spell it out for you since you seem to have ignored everything that everyone has said.

you can bulk very successfully without creatine, but you should be taking it. it is cheap, easy to get and effective. why aren't you taking it?

your profile says you are 165lb at 6'1" after training on an off for 6 years? maybe you should concede that you don't know that much about training and should start listening a little more.


foot, meet mouth

Biotest creatine IS creapure. If you want to take creatine creapure is what you want. If you don't think you respond to creatine make sure your taking it with fast acting carbs either after a workout or in the mornings.

To the original poster: Why ask a question if your just going to jump to your own conclusions disregarding any good information you get?


There are also products out there actually named "Creapure" that are not actual quality Creatine (Ultimate Nutrition is one of the brands, Prolab is another). They sell them at Vitamin World and the like. Given the posters other suggestions (ON Whey for example) I was assuming he was talking about those.


Trust me for you, calories are a lot more important for you at your current stage. I got pissed off that I spent money on creatine monohydrate, because I realized I could've used that money to add up and buy more protein powder or more whole food. I was getting bigger because of my calorie surplus, creatine was just the icing on the cake.

In my opinion, no beginner should be taking creatine as they tend to rely on it too much. As soon as they come off it they lose all their water weight, then either go buy more or feel like shit.

Trust me eating a lot more food will make you stronger too. I tried the Waterbury Method on a bulking diet and got stronger every week. Increased strength with a calorie surplus means more muscle gains basically. At the end of the program there was a major improvement (physique and strength gains). Don't worry about the little stuff (creatine). Worry about the big stuff (Surge; Grow!; Whole Food).

In my opinion, creatine is for the guy who's been training for a while and could use a little boost. I mean a beginner can use it but we all don't have unlimited funds? Use that money to buy food, Surge and protein powder.

That's my opinion. Keep Lifting! Eat Big!

Good Luck