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Bulking with the Pulse Feast


Hey CT, I had a question regarding bulking with intermittent fasting.
I looked throughout the LiveSpill comments of the article but i couldn't find an answer. I'm planning to take in around 4000 calories a day, a 1000 of them coming from the pulses and the periworkout nutrition. Can you give me a possible meal plan to get in the other 3000 calories within 4 hours.
Do you make shakes to make it easier?
If anyone had any experience with bulking while fasting, please help out

Thank you,


You seriously can't count calories of various foods and add them up to 3000?


Yeah, what he says...


lol, ok thanks


Is this a good way to bulk? I've been trying out IF for a few weeks, but one thing that gets me is I am SOOOO hungry during the day and groggy and shit. I don't have a desk job, I'm running around, wrestling people, climbing a lot of stairs (law enforcement) and my food breaks tend to change hours daily. Is IF just not for me?


Chances are it's just not right for you if you feel that uncomfortable. What's your feeding period like? I think the easiest one to adhere to is berkhan's 16/8 fast/feed period.

break the fast at 12 and have a few healthy solid meals from then until 8pm.

I feel like CT's method is better for an anabolic response to food though ( short feeding time with pulses during the fast ). but obviously the only diet that will work is one that you can adhere to for long term.


so when doing the pulse feast you should eat the amount of calories you normally eat on a regular day at the time of the feast?


I got all the grogginess and shit feeling the first few weeks too, but I stuck with it and have been enjoying the diet ever since. I've been doing it since February, and will probably eat this way for life since it's so convenient and makes me feel great.