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Bulking With Ramen Noodles?


That's a freaking awesome deal. 10 cents for a pack of 371 calories!


Think it would be a good idea to eat like 5-6 packs a day and then have one protein shake which would be around 790 calories and 88g of protein after some fruit and milk is added to it? A total of 133g protein per day. Is that enough? I remember reading 2g per lb you weigh is what you should get every day. Is that true? I could add an extra shake to that.

Sodium is a bit high, but I could just choose not to use the little packs of flavor powder stuff..


Sweet jesus I think you just stumbled on the ultimate physique shaping food!! BRILLIANT!


Seriously, though. Good idea?


Well, considering they're processed garbage I wouldn't make them a staple of my diet because of the health concerns.

Will they help weight gain? Sure, they'll send blood sugar through the roof I'm sure.


Damn. Are there any relatively cheap but still healthy foods? Or is bulking only an option if you have a lot of extra money to blow?


133grams of protein a day for a bulk is craptastical. Double that and you're still a little low.. You'd be better off on a big mac bulk..


uh, dude, no.

lots of calories, 4 grams of protein each.


I could double that. Though, the lack of an answer is making me think that there isn't anything cheap that would also be a good idea to eat..


Bullshit, I say!

There are plenty of cheap foods for bulking, including:

canned salmon
peanut butter
olive oil

Watch for deals at the supermarket too. I just bought some 20 oz loaves of wheat bread from the store today for a buck a piece. Thats about 2000 calories per dollar. Anytime you can get meat cheap, like 2 for 1 specials, etc, jump at it.

Of the above list, I especially like canned fish, but there is the mercury concern, so consumption should be limited. If it weren't for the mercury, I'd eat canned salmon by the case.

And, to, answer your original question, ramen = no good.


Noodles are mostly carbs, you need some type of meat to go with the noodles for protein.


Ramen is not food. Most unprocessed raw stuff is actually pretty cheap in bulk. Rice, beans, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, etc...


Something that wasn't mentioned, but oatmeal is cheap too.


Low fat cottage cheese is almost pure casien protein with a little whey protein. If you look for sales or your super markets generic brand you can get 60 grams of protein for about $1.50. I like to get a can of chopped pineapple ($1.00 on sale) and throw that in to sweeten it up.

Try hogging down a few tubs of that a day and stay away from the ramens except for right after a workout when your body can use that much sugar.


I'm going to go against the grain, but only a bit.

If you are bulking, you might be able to consider it a carb source. It wouldn't be low GI, but it may be cheap and quick. I think you may find they have a lot of salt or other junk you don't want though.

Maybe if you dropped an egg into the soup you'd get some protein?

However, the big daddy of cheap foods is going to be huge ass bags of oats, dried beans, rice or something like that. The bigger problem is really finding quality protein to go with that stuff.


I don't think you're reading the calories on the packet just right. It shows the servings for half a block of noodles. I know because I eat top ramen noodles every other day. But when I do eat them I break the block in half, boil the noodles in water, and then I put a packet of pre-cooked chicken breast(72g of protein) with the noodles so I get enough carbs, protein, and sodium in my body. But don't forget to consume other meats like salmon, tuna, meat(s). Good lucky buddy.


I think I agree with where you're going. If you're a skinny bastard who's not eating very clean and is lean already, eating $.50 or a buck's worth of ramen a day isn't going to kill you and will help you bulk compared to not eating enough. The only thing I'd say is add a spoonful or two of wheat bran for every packet of ramen. Wheat bran is only about $2 a box. And you can add frozen vegetables, a pound of frozen vegetables is regularly under a buck, some of the canned is even cheaper and there's always shit on sale.

Also, don't cook 'em until their soggy and limp. Just cook 'em until you can get a fork through the "brick" of noodles and have them a little chewy.


the ramen isn't good for post workout either...the saturated fats will block carb absorbtion.


i hate to say it but protein powder is dirt cheap. you get a 20-25g protein for .05!!!! you can buy SACKS of 10lb grain rice for cheap...and you can buy tubs of peanut butter for like $5...spend a lil bit more you can get almond butter and thats even better for you...there are your protein, fats and carbohydrates. honestly, you can't get any better than that in terms of cheapest of each of the macros.


I haven't had Ramen's since I was in school, many many years ago, but I think what's worse than the crap they call the actual noodles, is how much sodium is in the flavouring! Gotta go cleaner than that my bro.

Eggs, oats, canned tuna, cottage cheese, milk - it's all relatively cheap (not as cheap assed as Ramen) as well and much better for you.

If you're looking for a cheap, quick 'meal', take a can of tuna, some low-fat mayo, some crushed pineapple and mix it together, spread it on some type of multigrain bread and you've got enough for 2 sandwiches. Yummy. And really what do those 2 sandwiches cost? About $1.20 or so. Another cheap idea is 3 or 4 frozen waffles (junk carb alert), but go nuts with cottage cheese on top with a dropping of jam or jelly on top.

Keep searching, there are lots of good cheaper meal ideas out there!


Yeah, I found a ton of protein powder pretty cheap. About 55 cents per 22g, or $30 per container of 76 servings at 22g per serving. Could I be doing cheaper?

Also, am I correct in assuming that protein powder would be protein, the butter my fats, and the grain rice carbs?

I could do that, but how should I split them up? Like, how many calories should come from each? Is there an article I could search for that touches on this?