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Bulking with Medium Fat and Carb?


Hi guys, got some qns which i wanna ask during my bulk. Height - 5 7 Weight 154 lbs

Macros are 230 P, 200g C, 164g F

My calorie intake is currently around 3200 (I bumped it from 3000 as my weight seems to have stalled last week at 154 lbs, have been gaining around 1.1lbs in the past 3 weeks

My concern is that must diets be either High C low F or High F, low C ? (As you can see my F and C are both mediumish) I'm currently storing most of my fat in the mid section area, nowhere near fat but I have a bit of a belly.

I know everyone is different but could such fat storage patterns indicate that high carb diets are out of the qns etc? Or should I wait till i get bigger on my current macros to get a better picture?


I'll be interested to see this one answered. I actually get 285g protein, 325g carbs and 75g fats and I'm 4lbs lighter.
How do I eat so much protein? Meat two times day, two shakes and voila.


eat 6-8 times a day with about 35 gram's of protein each meal.
Try to get your protein from solid food, don't rely on shakes.


This is a tricky one. Couple questions first: Were you holding fat before you increased your calories?
What were your macros before?
Do you do cardio?


Yes, i was already holding some fat in the mid section area prior to his bulk. Did not really take note of my macros and have lifted on and off with a lousy diet (not surprised that i did see results - weight always hovered around 145 - 150 lbs

I'm guessing that macros for that time would be high carbs, moderate protein ( maybe slightly lesser than 1g/lb) and low fat.

I dun do much cardio but have been doing two sessions of bike per week for the last 2 weeks at heart rate around 130 for 30 mins.


Mixed diets are totally fine.

As you add calories, I would do so using carbohydrates. 200g daily is not by any means a "high carb diet". My experience using a higher fat intake rather than increasing carbs during a bulk has been a negative one.


It's not a tricky one.

He's been doing this for three weeks.

As stated, eat 6-8 meals (clean food sources) a day. look at your progress in the mirror and judge how you feel. If you gain lots of fat (men get it in the mid section first, so dont be surprise) then you are eating too much or not working out hard enough. If you feel tired after a few weeks and your heartbeat is elevated every morning, you are not eating enough. It's all about learning what your body can do.

Nobody knows you more then you. Just eat and lift and enjoy the ride. After six months we can talk again.

Oh, and in the meantime, read the articles here.


BTW, this game is measured in months and years, not weeks.


Tks to all who responded!