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Bulking with Anabolic Diet and OTS BBB via IF


Well after some thoughtful considerations, I have decided to start bulking with AD. So far the only time I have done AD is for cutting purpose but this time around I want to gain some weight while minimizing fat accumulation. Training wise, I will be training 6x/week (OTS BBB) MODOK inspired =) I will be eating via IF style. Now I know usually people don't recommend bulking on IF and I agree with their points. I am only doing so because it fits my lifestyle perfectly and I have been doing it for nearly a year.If by any chance I feel like I need to eat more often due to the rigorous training then I will eat more, but until my body tells me that I will be keeping my 8hr meal window. Another reason is because I enjoy big meals. BIG meals...

In addition, I will be training fasted also. Been doing this for the past year as well and I find working out on empty stomach a lot more comfortable than with some substance in it. However, I do take pre-workout consiting of Xtend and also bring a bottle of that with me to sip on while working out. I find that extremely helpful and will never drop it!

Typical diet will be like this..

PWO Shake: Whey + Heavy Cream
MEAL 1: eggs, bacon, cheese
MEAL 2: meat, cheese, veggies
MEAL 3: eggs, sausage
PRE-BED: Whey + Heavy Cream

Carb source from whey + cheese alone will be enough to satisfy the 30g to keep me out of ketosis

Healthy oil will be drizzled with every meal

Diet soda will be consumed :slightly_smiling:

Condiments will be from hot sauce and mustard



Day 1 (13-15):

DB Row
Bench Press
Cable Curl
Smith Standing Calves Raise

Day 2 (13-15):

Military Press
Cable Rope Crunch

Day 3 (10-12):

DB Press
Chin ups
Preacher Curls
Seated Calves Raise

Day 4 (10-12):

DB Shoulder Press
Rope Pulldowns
Weighted Sit-ups

Day 5 (8-10):

Bench Press
DB Row
BB Curl
Seated Calves Raise

Day 6 (8-10):

Military Press
Weighted Sit-ups


. . . And so it begins . . .The Man . . . The Myth . . The Legend


Good luck bro!! I'll be jumping back on BBB as soon as i get this shoulder inflammation down a bit.


Today's third day on BBB..

Incline Bench Press
1x12 @ 155
1x11 @ 170
1x8 @ 170

Next week I want to see 170 on all sets!

1x12,10,8 @ BW

Going high reps on chin-ups was never a strength of mine...3x12 next week fasho

EZ-BAR Preacher Curl
1x12,11,11 @ 70lb

It burnsssssssss

Seated Calve Raises
3x12 @ 135lb

Going for slow descend and explosive raises. Stings like a b****

Still feeling good so far. Let's see how it goes a few days from now when more carbs are depleted. Fish was on sale today so got 2 fried fish...with skin on...mmmmmmmmmmm


Definitely take care of those!! I've been rolling my shoulder/outer pec with lacross ball and doing shoulder dislocation thing with the broomstick to keep my shoulder health and mobility up. Pressing this many times a week will definitely need extreme precautions.



Military Press
1x10 @ 115
1x8 @ 115
1x12 @ 95

The toll of all these pressing finally getting to eat. Eat more. Yup

Rope Pulldown
3x12 @ 130

It burnsssss

1x10 @ 255, 240, 240

Felt heavy as f*** for some reason. Time to eat more.

Hanging Leg Raises

Will I ever improve here lol

I think the take away from today is...eat more


Woke up feeling pretty good and refreshed this morning...full of energy.

3x10 @ 120lb

Last set was a bit difficult. Had to swing more..

Bench Press
1x10 @ 205lb
1x9 @ 210lb
1x13 @ 190lb

Right shoulder has some slight discomfort...around the clavicles. Had to drop lighter for last set due to having no spotter :< But ya some minor discomfort right now. Going to roll/stretch this out.

Seated Alt DB Curl
3x10 @ 42.5lb

Last set I had to take a few pauses to rest...because my grip died. Will need straps next week but will still use same weight..

Standing Calves Raises
3x10 @ 315lb

Energy level still high. Everything feels fine..except my right clavicle region. Hrm.

Deadlift will be fun tomorrow


Day 6

Military Press
1x10 @ 115
1x9,8 @ 120

Keeping this strict. No leg drive whatsoever.

3x10 @ 60lb

Hmm, I wish I can hit my triceps a little bit more than chest on dips

1x8 @ 365
2x10 @ 315

back is gone.

gonna eat lots today!


Day 8

Second week and doing great so far!

4x15 @ 110

Last two sets require some swinging on last few reps

1x16,13,10 @ 195
1x11 @ 175

Cable Curl
1x15,13 @ 70
1x15,14 @ 60

Standing Calves Raises
4x20 @ 225


Day 9

Military Press
1x15 @ 95,100
1x12 @ 100
1x13 @ 90

1x15 @ 35
1x13 @ 40
1x13 @ 35
1x12 @ 30

1x15,13,10 @ 245
1x15 @ 225


Day 10

Incline Bench
1x12 @ 175,185
1x11,8 @ 185


Preacher Curl
1x12,12,12,10 @ 70

Seated Calves raises
4x12 @ 180