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Bulking with a Test E Cycle


Hey, so after 2 years without doing a cycle, I decided to do another one again before summer is here. I have done 2 cycles in the base, both Test cycles. One test enanthate, the second Test Cypionate which I think I got fake or weak gear on. But thats not the point, I'm just giving you some history.

So I could reach higher natural potential before I do this cycle, but I really don't care to be a MONSTER ever, and I have no desire to be pro BB, so if I'm losing a bit of natural potential, so be it, lol I'm not worried about it.

My cycle is:
Week 1-12 Test Enanathate 250mg E3D
Week 8-12 Winstrol Oral 50mg ED
Week 14-18 Nolva 40/40/20/20mg ED

I have Arimidex on hand, but I'm not sure if I want to use it yet or not, but I need to make a decision soon, I'm already on my 4th pin of Test E last night. I don't want to bloat, but I don't want to lose gains either. I'm military, so I want to try to keep this a secret as much as possible.

My stats are:
28yrs Old
20% bf

My supplements are:
Optimum Whey Protien (Post workout only)
Gaspari Myofusion Protein (for my snack and breakfeast shakes)
Multivitamin: Strive's Pro-Vit Pack. With a bunch of bcaa, anti-oxi, efa's, etc
Flax Seed Oil Caps: 1000mg at lunch and dinner

So here is my diet so far.


500ml Skim Milk
1 Scoop Protein Powder
2 tbsp Canola Oil
1 cup of Wilk Oats
2 Eggs

All this blended into one big shake.
897 Calories
26.5g Fats
105g Carbs
67g Protein


Snack time 3hrs Later

1 Protein Bar
1 scoop Protein Powder
250ml Skim milk

507 Calories
8g Fats
42g Carbs
59g Protein

Lunch 3hrs Later

1 Can of Tuna
500ml V8 Low Sodium
2 Potatos Nuked
1 Apple
2 Yogurts fruit flavored.

645 calories
0 fats
61 carbs
42 Protien

Snack 3hrs Later

1 Protein Bar
1 scoop Protein Powder
250ml Skim Milk

507 Calories
8g Fats
42g Carbs
59g Protein

Dinner 3hrs Later

255g Extra Lean Ground Beef (May replace with 12oz Chicken Breast)
2 Potatos
500ml V8 Low Sodium

720 Calories
24 Fats
75 Carbs
56 Protien

Overall Totals

3276 Calories
66.5 Fats
308 Carbs
283 Protein

That doesn't include my post workout Protein shake which will be about
222 Calories
0g Fat
3g Carbs
52g Protein

If the diet isn't "Perfect" thats ok, I'm not competition BB here, nor do I care to be a monster in the next few years. Basically I'm saying if your going to post, I'm not worried about being a perfectionist. I'm not pro, nor do I want to be. I just want my food prep to be super easy, and still reach my gains with little to no time in the kitchen.

No suggestions about more gear either please unless it's about my arimidex, because I can only get my gear once every few weeks. My diet is my main concern in this thread. Doesn't have to be perfect, just wanna make sure it's "pretty decent" ya know what I mean? :slight_smile:




Yeah, I hurt my back over seas serving my country a year ago, and couldn't lift anything for about 13 months. Been back at it for about 5 months now, and I'm tired of remember when life was good at 190lbs 10% bf. But at that time I was married to a chef, I gave her the nutritional values I needed, and she had my diet all made for each week.

However, now I'm a recovering cripple, and I'm divorced, and I'm tired of remembering my past glory, and you can make fun all you want, but I'm just getting a jump start so to speak to get myself back into the run of things.

So I've been through the ringer, give me a break, and just help me out here. Instead of posts like Bonez217's please.


Hi Mate. Sounds a sane and sensible approach to me though orals might be better used at the start of the cycle. Bet your diet is better than 90% of us reading it. I hope the previous guy who responded lol hung his head in shame when he read your circumstances. Best wishes and much respect from England.


I say you're headed in the right direction. I applaud your opening post. Much better than what I've seen on here as of late. Youre diet isnt bad to be honest. The AI I think you shouldnt have to worry unless youre prone to gyno. I would keep it on hand in case of a flare up. Youre injecting E3D which will help minimize it as much as possible.

Youre cycle seems to be fine, but your training/diet might need tweaking in order to lose some of the BF%. Up to you though.



Thanks guys, glad to see some friendly opinions. :slight_smile:

I have been lucky to not have any sides in the past, I think my body handles gear fairly well, but then again, I've only ran test cycles, which arn't too intense compared to many other cycles I've seen. But I have Nolvadex on had for Gyno. Hell, the first thing one my list for cycle was Nolva! lol

As for losing some of the BF %, yes I really wanna do that, but I'll cut after my cycle and pct have leveled off down the road. I won't try to cut and build at the same time, I've seen too many people disappointed after trying that.

The only reason I mentioned the arimidex is because the water retention on a Test E cycle, makes you look even bigger quicker, and even though you lose that retention at the end of the cycle, it's a dead give away your on something when week 3 you come into work looking as per usual, then week 6 you look like you eat people be fun.

But I haven't ran arimidex, so I'm not sure how much gains I'll be sacrificing. I was thinking a very low dose like .120mg ED. I see most @ .25mg ED, or even EOD, but in the EOD circumstance, I'm worried less about losing gains, and more about an estrogen rebound effect with the unstable blood levels.

Ideally if I could run my cycle without the arimidex, and just take it if I start to hold too much water retention ED at .25 that would be fine. But I am not sure about starting arimidex that late into my cycle, or if it would have any adverse effects, or even work the way I would intend in that scenario.


I sympathize with your situation and am grateful for your service but I still don't think anyone should be using steroids to "jump start" getting back into shape. 170lbs 20% bf can be fixed with diet and training. And if your injuries are such that you can cant make improvements than I dont see how AAS would help in long run.


Being a soldier in Israel, I have a lot of respect for soldiers in the US. Serving your country even though you don't have to is a reason to applaud. It says a lot about your personality and your priorities. Even though you're in a tough situation, remember it happened for a good cause. It could have meant nothing if it happened in a car accident...

I can't say I'm the right guy to give any advices about steroids though lol. Since you're in the army I believe that your diet is as perfect as it can get - it's better than mine I can tell you. If you ask me you'll lose lots of fat anyway just from working out normally again. Any chance for some conditioning or do you get that in the army anyway?

Keep up the good work and best of luck!


OP, how bad are your back injuries? I've had some serious lower back problems which fucked me up for years in my early 20's (before I ever used AAS) and were then made worse by a serious car crash a few years later, although i think Bonez came across a little blunt/ harsh his point is valid I would try and get on top of your training so to speak and make sure you can train as hard as you need to to make the physique improvements you want. If you implement dietary improvements before your cycle you will see greater results I'm sure.

I'm guessing you cant squat any more, I found that a good alternative which actually produced better results than the back squat for me (I'm 6.2 with long legs so not really built to squat) is the belt squat. I also bought a reverse hyper machine and still have regular chiropractic treatment, these 3 things (belt squat, reverse hyper and chiropractic) are what worked best for me to produce pain free living and training with a bad lower back
( mobilization problems with the sacral junction)
I hope your injuries get better and good luck training around them.


My back injuries, IMO are completely recovered. The Dr and my physiotherapist are both amazed at my recovery as they expected long term disability, there was significant blunt trama in my lower lumbo region, and I actually lost control of many functions for the first month after my injury. One thing seemed to lead to another, and a domino effect of problems became one depressing fact after another, it seemed like I was never going to get better in the beginning. It actually got so depressed, I just shrugged when the doc would tell me what was going on, I didn't care anymore.

But here I am, I feel stronger than ever, once things started to seem like they were looking up again, they started to tumbleweed into the good direction. So I'm very pleased about that, I'm even doing squats again :smiley: but i'm not pushing it too hard on squats in particular, more out of fear than anything, lol.

But yeah, I totally agree I could make the changes I want without AAS, I'm not disputing that, however, I'm not discussing that either. So please no more posts about that. If you don't like it, you don't need to post here, you can just say "noob" give the computer screen the "Glaring eye" and not click on this thread.

This is the path i've choosen, once I choose a direction, I stick with it, and back it until the end, good or bad, with no regrets. Thats why I spend alot of time weighing my outcomes and consequences before I make a decision. I have weighed, and decided that the moral I will gain, in the particular stage of my life, after everything I have gone through, and done, that the risks, and natural potential I can lose, are worth it.

You don't need to agree, or disagree, the decision was made, weeks, and weeks ago. It's history, and a closed discusion, and has no relavence to this thread.

Sorry to rant a bit, but I feel it's best for everyone to know where I firmly stand. I'm not some teenager approching this, and I'm not still wet behind the ears. I've seen the ups and downs of life, and unfortunately I've seen more than I'm willing to share. I may not be an expert on the AAS topic, or diet topics, but I can hold my own on the subjects.

I'm here for 2nd opinions on the topics that I haven't made my final decisions too yet. The use of AAS is not longer one of those topics.

Thank you, I'm sorry if that comes off as me being an ass, but I don't want any more thread space here wasted on the topic of how many more gains I could get before I comit to a cycle. I'm already 6 pins in, so lets just not waste time :wink:

I appriciate your opinions thus far, especially those who tried to answer my topic and questions.