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Bulking While Controlling Belly


Hey guys ... Im currently concentrating only on gaining size but even my belly and butt are increasing no matter what ... i need some expert tips on bulking while also controlling ur belly ... i avoid oily food as much .. Thanks alot...


Dude, most newbs think having a full stomach for the first time means "fat".

You live in India. The chances of you actually having a huge ass and gut are pretty slim.

Here's a tip.....in humans....the food makes your belly distended.

I know, I know...I thought it magically all turned to farts also.


Gaining too much fat ~> Eat a little less

Not gaining enough weight ~> Eat a little more


Could just be how your splitting your macros. Any idea what percentage of each your consuming on average? But if u want the short answer what Lonnie said.


A lot of Indians are obese Prof. He could very well be talking about fat gain.


LOL, I thought the same thing while reading the OP.

OP, if you're getting a huge belly then you're doing it wrong. You're eating too much food and not training hard enough/frequently enough with consistency.

Your butt SHOULD be getting bigger if you're working out your legs like you should.


How much you wanna bet he's a skinny new trainer who is eating more for the first time?


Agree with greg you need to workout harder and if you still are gaining too much fat (not water or food baby) then you need to cut back on food a bit

ass should be growing along with the rest of your body


haha i have also yet to master this i just tell people im bulking for another year. im a fatty ha. i havent been here in a while but PX dude you are looking awesome man.


Are you lifting weights yet?
If not, start.


Thanks man. Your avatar isn't looking too bad either, man.




Right before i started lifting i was 157lbs.

Fast forward 2 years, I am now 205 on a good day.

All while keeping the same pants size, it all comes down to using common sense with food intake and being intense in the gym so the food goes to the right places.