Bulking: Which Program?

After reading Dave Barr’s “Big Bulking Tips” article (must read), I wanted to try his ideas. I wanted to bulk up around this time but was telling myself I will get fat. I was thinking if I should stay in maintainance mode, bulk up, or even start cutting. I’ve decided i’m going to bulk up for 2-3 months.

I know nutrition is more important than training when bulking, but I want everybody’s opinion on which program/s would be optimal for this phase?

I was thinking about “Pendulum Bodybuilding”. It seems effective for size and there’s some focus on strength.
I was also thinking of ABBH (Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program). Maybe, Waterbury Method?
What do you think?

ABBH would be a good choice. Since you are going to be at it for a few months, a few phases of EDT might do nicely(or kill you). As far as training goes, you can’t really go wrong with any program on this site.

I was wondering what wave loading has done for you? Is it a good way to increase mass? What rep scheme do you use, 6-1-6-1, or other?
I have been doing 5*5 for 3 weeks but will change next week. I was thinking about doing wave for the next 3 weeks, take a week off, and then start this ABBH program. But I dont want to waste my time on wave loading if it doesn?t cause me to gain much muscle mass. I have tried it before(6-1-6-1), I got stronger but I cant remember if I got much bigger. My food intake is much better now though.
Also I always train 3 times a week if that matters, but am thinking about going for 4 now + 2 basketball sessions.