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Bulking : When is Time to Adjust

My Bulking has stalled at 240lbs for the last week +. I was taking in 4000 cals daily and that worked until I hit 240 , then progress stalls and I upped it to 4200 and haven’t made any gains in the last week. I’m weighing myself every morning prior to eating. I’m going to bump up to 4500 cals but going forward what’s a good timeframe to stick with something before adjusting.

I don’t want to micro manage and adjust too often when perhaps it’s Just water weight etc. Does 4500 cals for a 6’4 240lb 34 yr old doing 531 BBB sounds bout right.


Your body will tell you.

If your end goal is physique improvement, and not just scale #s being higher, don’t forget to take note of your composition (mirror or photos), and strength in the gym. Not all “improvements” reflect on a scale, especially in as short a duration as one week.

If you were to gain a solid lb of muscle in a month’s time (which is insanely imnpressive no matter how few people on this site sometimes realize it), it wouldn’t really register to most people on a weekly basis.