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Bulking - What Do You Think of My Diet?


I changed my diet a bit , but now im a little confused since i started reading a few articles over here and got me afraid of gaining too much fat lol . I was wondering what do you guys think of my diet for bulking?

My height is about 6ft or 5,11". Im weighing at about 150-152 . BF percentage is around 13% . Im trying to bulk to 200-210lb and im training 5 days a week. This is what i eat

Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bar- 390 calories , 30g protein ,
4 Cups of milk - 600 calories , 32g protein
2 Banana

Rice,Beans,Chicken - about 600-700 calories , 50-60g protein
4 Cups of milk - 600 calories , 32g protein

Post Workout:
4 Cups of milk - 600 calories , 32g protein

1/2 of ground beef - around 550 calories
2 extralarge scrambled eggs - 160 calories
4 cups of milk

My total calorie consumption coems to about 4100-4200 daily.




Three and a half months ago, you weighed "currently 156-157 at 6ft".

Yesterday, you're "weighing at about 150-152". You've lost weight while trying to bulk. This should tell you that your diet (and possibly your training) are completely fucked up.

The whole idea of the "gallon of milk a day" plan is that the milk, in addition to several good meals, gives you an abundance of calories. You're using milk as the majority of your nutrition, which is backwards and, obviously, ineffective. Take out the milk, and it looks like you're eating like a ballerina.

I just took a look at your training log and your idea of "pigging out on some food" is also crazy: "Morning- Protein Bar , Banana , 4 Cups of milk ... Lunch- Rice, Beans, Chicken , 4 Cups of milk ... snack- 4 cups of milk" That's pigging out? A bar and a banana for breakfast? Come on, dude.

Three months ago (in the thread I linked above), I gave you links to two great bulking-nutrition articles. You obviously didn't read them, and that's entirely your fault. Because I'm a sucker, I'll link them again.

If you use that info, you should get back on track and see some results. You need to forget you ever heard of the gallon of milk a day plan, because you obviously don't understand how to implement it.

Your training routine could also stand to be tweaked, but fixing your nutrition is really a much higher priority.


You need more snacks things like nuts, protein bars, homemade weight gainer shakes, even PB


The thing is im in a extremely tight schedule..

I only have one our in the morning to eat and i can't eat in school since my lunch period was taken away in order to do more classes..After school is done i have to do attend some more classes for about 2-3 hours.


Oh, well thanks for pointing that out. The thing is the vast majority of the TNation members don't have a tight schedule and usually have all the free time during the day to focus on meal planning and training multiple times. Given this new light of your situation, it appears you have a unique circumstance and for that, your diet is perfect. Keep at it slugger!



Dude, seriously, your body isn't aware of your schedule. You simply have to eat more to grow. If you truly physically can not consume any more calories, you just won't grow. Sorry to say that but it's true.

It takes me 5mins to make a 1400 calorie protein shake every night (which I drink over 2 sittings the next day, between meals). It's honestly not rocket science.


Unless you have class 16 hours a day, seven days a week, you have zero excuses not to eat properly. Spending time cooking and pre-packing a bunch of meals at once is your solution.