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Bulking Up


I am 37 years old and have been doing very serious weight training for about 9 months. I am trying to bulk up but struggle to eat enough to put on the required weight, so even though the gym work is coming along well, I am not getting to size gains I should be. Is there anything I can take which will stimulate my appetite so I can actually get enough food in to grow?


Frist off... what are your stats? height, weight, body fat, program, how many cals youre getting in now?

And to answer your question, alot of people have this problem, and one way of getting in extra calories is liquid calories. Grow! is great, as is Metabolic Drive, but I'd suggest Grow! since its got carbs and you're bulking.

The cheaper way out is milk.

Also, calorie dense foods, nuts, pb, oils.


I have to say that whatever you've been doing for the last nine months you should really stop, you're starting to resemble a dog...

Serioulsy though all I can gather from your post, without much info, is you're probably eating 2000 calories a day less than you should be.

Simple solution- eat more, lift heavier, and get plenty of rest. There really isn't much more to it, except avoid cardio type activities as a general rule.


I'd eat more, buy Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, and Surge.


Dunno about appetite per se--it's always hard to force down enough food to grow quickly.

But drinking olive oil really helps get in extra calories, and is pretty cost-effective, too. The cheap stuff (non-extra virgin, Spanish instead of Italian) is actually easier to drink straight.


Gee, because simply not eating so clean all of the times isn't an option?


I heard there is a lot of MSG in asian food...


Lot of conflicting info on MSG and its effects on health. There was something called 'Chinese Restaurant syndrome' where people reported headaches after pigging out on Chinese food. As it happens there is conflicting information to the the role of MSG in this.


For what it's worth, I use MSG all the time in my chicken, tuna and cottage cheese. You can buy it in huge shakers and unless you're in the 10% of people with mild allergies to it, it's great. Makes all sorts of protein-dense, low fat foods taste a LOT better.