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Bulking Up


Right heres my problem, im 6'1" and i weigh about 67k, just over 10st. All i eat at the moment is junk food. i realise this has to change. Can anyone please suggest, a sensible diet and exercise regeim? Plus i heard suppliments are a good idea. Cheers all



Don't be lazy & look for the beginners thread - just do a search and you can find a lot on this site.


Just eat clean(more natural foods:chicken,oatmeal,fruit,veggies,red meat,grains,dairy,etc.),lift heavy(every week you go to the gym lift as heavy as you can.Just make sure you stick to compound workouts),eat a shit-load. If your workout plan and nutrition is right,but you're not getting any bigger,keep eating more calories til you start putting on some serious muscle.If you notice too much fat,cut on the weekends and bulk on the weekdays.Good luck.


I wouldn't worry about supplements beyond a good multi-vitamin and a good protien too much just yet. Focus on the diet first, once thats dialed in the supplements will help a whole lot more.


15 years ago I did what you are doing in order to put on weight at any cost. While it helped me get my goal [from 145lbs -195lbs/6'], it's the worst thing you should do. As someone just said, don't be lazy. Not only did I subsequently lose alot of that acquired junk bulk, but I was really playing with fire- particularly regarding the hazards regarding over-consuming sodium [junk food/canned food], hydrogenated oils [junk food] and lack of fibre. In addition you'll get a very hard-to-get-rid of gut.

That was then, now I'm not lazy health-wise, especially since I'm vegetarian now. In my latest routine I've bulked from 165lbs to 195lbs since last August. I combined what I knew about nutrition with what I learned about bulking at superb sites like this. Save yourself some possible grief and do your research using the nutrition/bulking articles here and elsewhere [especially about fat, carbs, protein, and insulin]. Mainly my personal diet focuses on oats/pasta/bulgor/brown rice/beans/green veggies/fruits/milk and a good whey supplement - Noooo canned food at all or soda drinks. Read your food labels and also get a good cook book on cooking fast tasty healthy meals. Again. don't be lazy and keep your body healthy.


already lots of sound advise posted that will get you firmly on your way. for nutrition just read every John Berardi article on this site and write information down in a notepad as you go along.

i found having a notepad full of information, meals, motivation quotes and exercise plans was invaluable. its like having a book about what you need to do, written by yourself and based on other peoples sound advise (plus my memory is like a sieve).


you know what your doing is wrong and you know what you need to do... fresh foods are best meats, breads , vegies eat a balanced diet but always say in your head I NEED PROTEIN, like before you go to make a meal make sure its based around PROTEIN

the backs of most food packages has information of how much protin and carbs and fats are in them make a note of these and start eating with intend not just randomly when your hungry, when your hungry its to late your bodys saying shit son give me some god dam food, or im gonna start eating shit inside here

whey powder is good shit eat it after you work out well help you grow and recover fast.

grow my son GROW!


Good point- seems like you're looking at needing 150-200 gms of protein daily to start. No, not a big deal [even me as a vegetarian].... you'll be surprised at how easy this daily tally is easy to achieve [ get one of those small food nutrition books that list every type of food's micro/macro nutrient content]. Good advice in Judas' post for you to research on fully.