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Bulking Up

Hey Folks,

I am 5 feet 8, 170 pounds, moderate build. I have been working out on and off for about 3 years now. What I mean by on/off is that I would workout in the summer and probably a couple months into the university semester and then give up as other activities took precedence.

Now that I am graduating I want to build a solid foundation(around 180 pounds).

Here is my current routine (been following it for about 3 weeks now with pretty good results)


1)Incline BP 6 sets.
2)BP to neck 4 sets (Alternate every week with a combination of dips and decline BP).
3)Seated Rows 6 sets (Alternate every week with T-bar rows)
4)Front Lat Pulldowns 4 sets
5)Seated Military Press 5 sets (Alternate with Clean and Press every other week)
6)Forearm workout(not really planned, I do as much as I feel like)
7)Seated Calf raises 5 sets


1)Squats 7 sets (Alternate with deep squats and bench squats)
2)Angled Leg Press 5 sets
3)Deadlifts 5 sets (Alternate with Stiff legged and the normal)
4)Leg curls 3 sets
5)Bicep workout 5 sets(Alternate between 21s, incline and bent over concentration curls)
6)Tricep workout 7 sets(Alternate between close grip BP and Pulley pushdowns)
7)Standing calf raises 6 sets

I do not exceed 8 reps for any exercise, excepting 21s and calf raises.

How does this routine look to you guys? Any tweaks that could possibly enhance my workout performance?

Thanks and Cheers


Pardon my n00bness, but I forgot what 21’s are… I’ve heard it a million times, just can’t place a face…

I’m sure there a better people out there to offer advice than me, and hopefully they’ll chime in.

It’ll be the usual, eat a LOT, lift HEAVY for LOTS of reps. Really there are hundreds upon hundreds of articles you should do a search and try something you like ( I reccomend ABBH 1 & 2 by Chad Waterbury for you to start with) and Read up on your nutrition stuff (Massive eating, etc).

All of that ^^ should be obvious.

What I want to mention is that you want to gain 10lbs? I don’t know your build exactly but I put on about 12-15lbs and you can barely tell except that I’m a little broader.

For most people when you end up putting on weight if it goes to your legs or other support muscles (spinal erectors, hips, lats etc) it doesn’t look like your “getting fucking hyyyuuugge”.

So just my personal experience that you might want to shoot for a higher goal. 10 is a good place to start, but not the finish line. know what i’m sayin?