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Bulking Up On a HighSchool Schedule

Hello, I need to bulk up from a 5’4" 112lb, running build to somewhere in the 140-150lb range for lacrosse season. During the cross country season, I built a lot of lean muscle and dropped down my body fat percentage to about 5.

I have to put a lot of weight back on and gain more power in my legs and core before March and on a HighSchool Schedule. I am looking for Dietary tips and time efficient workouts for bulking up.

Use the search function for Massive Eating and Google ‘Rippetoes Starting Strength’.

Frankly, I’m not all that into extremely short workouts, so here’s a tip for eating.

Take some mixed nuts, trail mix, walnuts, pecans, or whatever you like and stick them in your backpack. Grab some raisens in bulk from costco or wherever, and stick those in your backpack. Eat them half way between breakfast and lunch, and about 2 hours after lunch just before you get out.

If you can afford some protein bars, grab some and put them in your backpack. If not, mixed nuts/walnuts and raisens cover you pretty well with good fats, a bit of protein, fiber, and antioxidants (raisens). Also, Nalgene bottles are your best friend. Fill it before you go to school, and empty it by the end of the school day (not including water AT lunch).

Eat big and lift big. Like aragorn said bring food with you to class as you should be eating everything in site at all times. Loading up bottles with protein and then adding water at a later time has worked well for me in the past.

Strong legs and a strong core require squats and dead lifts, not leg extensions , calf raises and crunches. Find a program you like. I would suggest a total body program.

Keep reading, you don’t need to post to find answers. Read through this:

Good luck.