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Bulking Up In a Month


Ive always been skinny, till I started usingthis website. I bulked up a bit in 2004 with MAG-10. I am from a different country, and am here for graduate school. I am going back for summer, on April 25th. So I have abt a month left.

Can anyone suggest the best program with exercises and nutrition to bulk up within a month, so that I can be ripped surprise my folks when i get off the plane? I have MAG-10 but cannot find the Growth Surge article.

So Im thinking 2 weeks MAG-10 and 2 weeks after that, but please let me know if another program might be better. I promise to post my pictures for the first time, tomorrow, and then on the 25th of April before I leave. I am 5'6" and weigh 145 lbs.


dear God


I suggest you spend some time in the "articles" section of this site.

Learn the difference between "bulking up" and getting "ripped."

There are many programs and nutritional advice which can greatly help you.

Please do this before you post again.



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Yes. You don't bulk up in a month. But a beginner can put an impressive amount of mucle in a month's time with proper training and a good diet. So, get started on that. Figure out a plan based on the training and diet info on this site and post and have it critiqued.


You seem to be skipping the obvious.

Problem #1: This guy states he bulked up "a little" in 2004

Problem #2: he claims this was only while on MAG-10...which they don't even sell anymore...which implies that he is not a beginner if he has 1-2 year old MAG-10 still lying around

and the kicker
Problem #3, he only weighs about 145lbs in spit of all of these years and the MAG-10.

If this guy had any desire to actually work hard on his own, he wouldn't have phrased the question like this, wouldn't be so reliant on one supplement, and wouldn't believe that he will make so much progress in only 1 month.

In other words, I am doubting whether this post is even real, and if it is, how did you gather he needed the advice you gave?

Just wondering.


Is the amount of weight gain going to be that noticeable? Nope.

I'd be willing to bet this kid knows next to nothing in terms of training and nutrition.

Also, his post showcases what is wrong with 90% of the people lifting out there. His logic is skewed, and he has a stupid reason for lifting and assinely short time frame to work with.

The first damn thing he mentions in his post is MAG-10. He has no discipline, no work ethic when it comes to his body, and his post has already received more responses than it justified.


Hey, that was pretty mean! I agree I meant only bulking, and when I said ripped, I only meant look muscular. Sorry about that. I did gain about 10 pounds when I was on MAG-10, and at that time, had a regular workour regimen. I have not been working out regularly for the last two years, and was just hoping for some advice to gain mass in about a month's time. So, any helpful suggestions?


Yes. Some say jumping off a tall building is the best way, but I say running into rush hour traffic insures the best result.


Well, it could easily be a joke. Yes. But in the offchance he's just clueless, I told him what to do. If he doesn't come back having put together a diet and training program, which he likely won't, then no harm done. If he does, there may be something to work with. Of course, he'd have to actually lift hard and follow the plan. Anything can look good on paper. I should add to the original poster: don't use MAG-10. Learn how to eat and train firs.t


Thanks Professor, but Im going to take this as a challenge for a month. I will post my picture tomorrow, and then post it one month from now. I will be disciplined, work hard, and we will see if we can prove you wrong! Hold me to this.


  1. Don't use MAG-10. If you only gained 10 lbs on MAG-10, your diet and training sucked, so:

  2. Learn how to train and eat. Do this by:

  3. Going to the beginners section adn reading Vroom's beginning thread carefully. Put together a program. Look up Beeradi's Massive Eating Reloaded 1 and 2. Figure out your diet based on that.

  4. Post here to get it all looked over. You might as well post what you were doing for training and what your diet was like during your MAG-10 cycle, too since it can't have been very effective.

  5. Get feedback. Work the plan. Lift hard.




Sure. 8-10 lbs of muscle can be noticealbe on a beginner.And doable in a month. He might not have the work ethic or discipline. Or he's just a stupid kid that heard MAG-10 was good so tried it but somehow didn't realize you actually have to eat right and a surplus and do more than toss a few weights around. Pointing him in the right direction of a structured diet and training progam can't hurt. It's up to him if he wants to use. Taking 5 minutes to do so won't kill anyone here. The ball's in his court now.


Don't expect miracles either. You may gain enough to make a noticeable difference in a month. You may not. If you're planning to work out for a month every couple years, you've come to the wrong place. You need to be working out consistently. Let this month be the start of that. You'll never get anywhere otherwise.


Please do not post your picture tomorrow. If you must, post before and afters 1 month from now.


Thanks so much for your advice, which is exactly what i was looking for. Its very encouraging. Also, I dont understand why you suggest not to post a picture tomorrow. I just wanted to prove that im starting tomorrow with a newspaper or something, that way nobody can claim that its some old picure, you know?

But thanks again, I needed help, asked and got it. And, yes, Professor, whether you hold me to this or not, Im gonna prove you wrong anyway! Just watch....!


Dude, why didn't you prove it to yourself 3 years ago?


Don't worry in a month he will just need to diet down and then he can enter any NPC competition with a good chance of winning


THE Waterbury METHOD!