Bulking Up for Rugby Season

The new year is starting up and I’m in need of some assistance. I’m in the school rugby team and I need to bulk up a bit for the new season. Can anybody formulate a program for me that works my upper body (especially the biceps). I have my legs worked out and I’m hoping crunches will be enough for my stomache. Any advice is much apreciated.

How do you train your legs?

Bulking up? Just squat and eat. Drink a shitload of milk.

For rugby I would suggest doing heavy squats and start doing Snatches. Snatches will really help with powerful tackles and resistance. Also Squats will help you run and does your abs, back, legs, balance. If you are worried about you’re biceps you aren’t talking about bulking up for rugby, you are thinking about you’re aesthetics lol. Just do lots of chinups wink.

You didn’t say how old you are. Bulking could be very difficult depending on where you are in terms of your development.

I have worked on bulking up many school boy rugby players here in South Africa. You must EAT EAT EAT good food and train right. Creatine, and Protein Powders should be your supplements.
If you PM me I could email you the programs I use with our guys.