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Bulking Up for Real


Hi everyone,
been lurking for a few months, read the stickies, first time poster.

I am 5'9, 150lb, 21, and I am starting to eat more food. I decided I can't trust myself with the 'seefood' diet because I simply don't have an apetite, so I am going to make myself a food plan. Tell me what you think (and I don't mind putting on a bit of fat, as I am ripped anyway).

Meal 1 7AM - 1L Warm Chocolate Milk
or small bowl of roast oats, honey and 1/2L milk
or nut/seed/berries/oil shake

Meal 2 11AM - 4 egg and potato and veg and fish/sesame sauce omelette

Meal 3 3PM - 2 PB and jam Sandwiches and 2 scoops whey and muesli bar

Workout - 1.25L soda and 2 scoops whey and milk

Meal 4 7PM - Dinner (meat, veg and carb)

Meal 5 11PM - Chilli Beef and Beans
or Barley and Beef Stew

Meal 6 3AM - Rice or Mashed Potato and 2 scoops whey and a can of tuna, or 2-3 double cheese burgers

I can't stomach much chewable volume at the moment but I will try as hard as I can to build up to it.


What are the figures on that?

Doesn't seem like a ton, but I'm too lazy to figure it out.


When do you sleep? Are you sleeping from 330-7, or are you waking up to have a strange large meal? Either way, you should sleep more. It's important.

Also, more protein for breakfast. And, during workout, 1.25L soda?

Also, try it out, see how your body responds, if you are gaining well, good. If not, adjust.


Rough calories:

Meal 1 7AM - 900
Meal 2 11AM - 590
Meal 3 3PM - 900
Workout - 650
Meal 4 7PM - 500
Meal 5 11PM - 300
Meal 6 3AM - 770

TOT 4610cal

Non-Workout Days (Without M6 and workout meals):
TOT 3190cal

I sleep about 4 hours at at 7PM, and wake up for my night shift at Macdonalds (thus the cheese burgers). I sleep another 4-5 hours in my big breaks at university in the day. If I am getting too fat then I would drop the soda, but I find it helps me get through my work outs.


I would imagine you will gain on 4.6k a day. No one knows for sure, but it is a safe bet you will.

About the soda. I'm not going to lecture you, but 200mg tabs of caffeine are cheaper than a bottle of coke 4-5 times a week, and pack a much bigger punch. replacing the cals might be a bitch, but you can do it with a shot of olive oil or something.

Whatever you do, make sure you are getting stronger on everything, and don't use this as an excuse to eat like total shit 24/7 and become a fat slob. Don't be a jackass, work hard while on a surplus and don't get out of hand and you will be fine.


Im no expert but ive been through what you are doing. Id say the biggest problem is you need to find a way to get AT LEAST 8 solid hours of sleep a day. I was doing 8-10 when I was bulking.


that meal plan looks like a ton of sugary carbs and about 70g of protein, not good dude


Meat is good dude. Eat more of it


holymac lol'd


He gets more than that in his shakes alone, assuming 20g per scoop, which is typical. (at least the shit I buy, lol)

His meal plan isn't ideal, but he is going to figure that out real quickly on his own.

I mean, I would eat differently, but at 150lbs, he has room to fuck up and learn as he goes.


Sorry man, didn't read all the posts but I can tell you what works. I started at 15 so the age gap is there but the advice remains the same. Eat until you are uncomfortable. Not gonna lie, when I sat down for meals I was pissed but I knew it was necessary. I muscled down the food despite the fact that by the 8th bite I was full. For you, it's about food.

Use big, heavy lifts, isolate only when necessary and become absofuckinglutely diligent with your meals. I can't emphasize eating enough. If you are truly in the state you claim here where you are naturally ripped but mass is the problem, I am absolutely telling you to eat more food. If you get fat, well then fuck, be less uncomfortable each day by eating less food and sweet you'll even out.


I would also recommend a blender. I used to eat poptarts and stuff like this to pad the calories... then I discovered a blender and can easily get more calories and from better sources. This shit is making my life so much more pleasant... Search for 'favorite shakes' and you should find some threads with ideas if you are interested.


This diet looks like shit. Go read an article for the love of god.


Ok, I have been eating lots of chicken thigh and rice for lunches, but I am having trouble getting the rice down, so I was wondering if it is a good idea to add some olive oil to the rice as a bit of lube for my throat. It would also add in extra calories, so I am not immediately against this idea.

Also, I have been eating 5 eggs and some frozen greens in an omlette for breakfasts with a glass of milk, I assume that is better than the Litre of chocolate milk.

I have also found now I am drinking 3-4 cups of green tea a day I am getting hungrier. Anyone else noticed getting hungrier the more they drank?


lube for your throat hueahueahueahee i`m out of air here from laughing


what would the potential problem be adding some olive oil?



Could be adding too much fats to a high carb meal. I thought people tried to separate their carbs and their fats in their meals.




What was your previous diet like? If you had no apetite I imagine you might be doubling your food intake overnight. That will bloat the shit out of you.

Start off adding 500 cals/day... every time your weight stalls, add 200/day. And always keep protein high.

You're on the right track asking about diet instead of routine.


Much better breakfast. I hope they are whole eggs too. As for the rice, I used to have the same problem, I dump tablespoon after tablespoon of salsa on my rice and chicken and can chow it down. I was always trying for cleaner sources, salsa is definitely one.

Also, couldn't agree more about the blender. Drinking a few of your meals will be extremely easy and won't fill you. I'd use whole milk, natural PB, protein powder, oatmeal, and it would be an easy 700-800 pretty clean cals. Buy a blender if you don't have one, they aren't too expensive.