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Bulking Up But Gaining Only Fat


This is my first post and let me start by saying that I am delighted (and relieved) to have found this website. I see some very good advice and am hoping hoping for the best.

I am 25yrs old, 5" 9' and currently weigh about 130lbs. I started working out about 3 months ago and have gained almost 15lbs since. Here is my workout routine:

3 chest , 3 tricep variations each

3 shoulder , 3 bicep variations each

lower body

In reality, I am able to work out only about twice a week. I am however progressively able to lift more and more weight.

I have ended up with a pot belly and absolutely no muscle gain anywhere else. Blame it on crappy genetics if you would like. My arms are wafer thin. I find this disgusting.

On top of all this, I am a vegetarian and believe me, it is hard to get so much protein from a vegetarian diet. My diet mostly consists of rice, potatoes, wheat bread, corn flakes, and plenty of milk (about half a litre a day). Throw in a pizza here and there and now you know where the pot belly comes from.

I am very much looking to getting some advice from people here.

Thanks everyone.


How about we blame it on the fact that you only train "about" twice a week. I am sure that training is about as intense as getting a pedicure.


There are some vegetarians on site who could help you get the diet dialed in.
Training though? Thats an inside job.


triceps on a chest day?

One of the best pieces advice i have ever been given on here is to stop trying to build up your own programs when theres a lifetime of tried and tested ones on this site.

Never looked back since..


That and a Half liter of milk is not "PLENTY" or near a lot. Hell Im a full on meat eater and right no on a maint diet taking a short break from big gaining and still drink more taht a liter a day along with beef, fish, chicken eggs etc.

Milk/dairy should be your best friend as you are choosing to eat veggie

In the long run though sounds like you had very suboptimal training and to much total intake for what you expended.


No back day?


you need a better program and perhaps monitor what you eat as well


There is so much information here. I have been reading and re-reading the articles and posts here for a year and my advice to you is to do more reading for yourself. You can start off with Chad Waterbury's earlier articles for training, maybe ABBH1.

I have no experience on nutrition for vegeterians. I think you need to post that to see if anyone else can help.


Dude your program is horrible. Do fullbody 2-3x instead, and eat more then that. Btw I used to drink 2-3 liters of milk when I was ten years old a day and still do so that is nothing.


Well....if you look around this site some more you'll quickly learn that compound movements are what gives the best gains. Deadlifts, squats, all different forms of pressing, rows, pullups, dips are all favored exercised exercises on this site. Chad Waterbury's programs have quite a few fans on this site, so click on his name under the "Authors" link on the left and look through some of his stuff.

As for nutrition, it looks like your diet is almost entirely carbs. Probably the reason for your potbelly. I am not a vegetarian, but Mike Mahler who is a contributor to this site is (actually a vegan). Look on his site mikemahler.com for some info. You need to get some beans, nuts, and more fruits and vegetables into your diet. I don't know how strict of a vegetarian you are, but I would start eating some eggs as well.



Between this and a vegetarian diet is where the pot belly comes from my friend.


Rely on compound movements. Understand basic movement planes and the muscles involved. Do a full-body, do a push/pull, do an upper/lower, do a body-part split, but do anything other than what you're doing. You definitely aren't covering all your bases.



There's information out there.