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Bulking/Toning Up

A bit about myself first:

Back in 2007, I weighed close to 240 lbs. in the beginning of January. I gradually lost weight through the summer working and eating usually one meal a day after work. I had lost from 60 to 70 pounds before fall. Due to my lack of eating, knowledge, and proper intake, the majority of weight loss was in muscle mass. I began looking physically poor, and my biceps were pretty much non-existent and my shoulders became boney. Tons of my strength was lost.

Fast forwarding to presently, I’ve been reading up more and more about proper bodybuilding (if only I would’ve done so before losing the 240 lbs.). I’ve been working out regularly, increasing the quantity of meals, and trying to grasp exactly how much of protein/carbs/fat/etc I need.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a gym in or nearby the town I live in. So I’m stuck with a 40 lbs. and 30 lbs. dumbbell. So I’m somewhat limited in that aspect.

Here’s my current stats:
Age: 18 yrs.
Weight: 178 lbs.
Height: 5’11
BF%: N/A
Supplement: Whey Protein
Ultimate goal: Regain muscle mass, toning up, and lowering my BF%.

Here’s a current bodyshot:

Any suggestions on what I can do; whether it be with the lack of equipment, the calorie intake, or basically the first proper step. All helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

save money, buy more weights and read the articles about body weight work outs until then?

You could also try to find a wheelbarrow, a duffel bag, and some sandbags, and do strongman type work. Couple that with about 3000-3500 calories a day of clean eating, and you should do alright. You’re a beginner, so any weight program should give you some results, although I’d really recommend finding some way to do something like Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

You can’t really do much with those weights.

Here is a link to a website that specializes in bodyweight training

To get weights (and you’ll probably want to do that, because it’s much more efficient at gaining muscle and strength than bodyweight exercises), drive to a big town and buy an olympic set. Or craigslist the nearest town for people throwing out the olympic bar and plates they bought for new years.

All you need for a home gym is
Olympic bar
Weight (depending on how strong you are)
2 saw horses (creating a miniature squat rack).

With that you can do everything except bench press. And instead of benching, you do jerks.

Dan John has several articles I think may help. You just need to be creative.

Work Out With Anything

The Litvinov Workout (very good)

The Sloshing Pillar of Pain

Oh, and OTEP is spot on as well. Craigslist is full of ‘retired’ gym equipment.