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Bulking to Maintain to Cut??


I'm having somhow hipothetical question.

Can bulk diet eventually become maintaining diet. Like when you'r calori intake is not sufficial to bulk any more and you come to certain weight. So if that happens can body basicly continue to grow muscles without gaining fat..

EQ... if a man comes to lets say 240 pounds while bulking and still eats the same but the weight is not going up meaning that now he's maintaing. Can he eventualy drop the bf% if that practice continues and he does not change his diet? (decrease bf and increase lbm)

I know it's a stupid question but never the less??


A "hipothetical" question?


You're right that your maintenance level becomes higher when you add LBM, but if you want to lower your BF% you need a calorie deficit. It's possible otherwise, but it will go WAY slower. Same with building, there's always a little fat gain involved. Otherwise it will get really slow.


In short YES has and is working great for me.

Now I wouldnt say you can CUT to low BF by staying at the same intake that means cutting down intake to a point where performance will be subject to decline etc. But yes you can bulk up great.

I have went (well damn as of this month) just about 2 years from 180- now about 240 and have stayed at a reasonabel BF for me. By simply upping intake a bit. I instantly blow up like one of those dried sponges that turn into lil animals. But Dont panic keep trucking and before long you will stop gainikng weight, both fat and muscle then I will beging to slowly lean out. Then performance progress will slow and time to bump it up again.

So sure if you stick the same intake out you will of course only add so much weight be it fat mass or muscle. add in hard work in the gym and you'll gain some nice quality mass and strength.

Like all else in this takes TIME but works for me.



Yes, I've experienced this myself.

When I went on a cutting diet from February 15 to May 1, I didn't cut back enough on calories. So I had maintained my overall weight, but still lost about 5% body fat (18% down to 13%). This would indicate an increase of 9 lbs LBM during the same period, substantiated by an increase in size both on the biceps and calves.

That said, I should probably mention I'm still pretty much a newbie, having only just reached the one year of training mark.

Though, yes, the scenario you present is very likely to occur in any trainer.