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Bulking Tips

Little about me. I weigh about 160-65, 6’ 0", about nine percent body fat. Went from 200 lbs about a year ago, to 160 lean. Went from 100 lb bench, 150 squat, 42 inch waist, 200 lbs of fat. now i bench about 150, squat over 200, deadlift about 240.

My old goals are now accomplished.

I started today with a bulking phase.

Any ideas of how many calories? and also ratios between carbs-fat-protein. I have my training routine down, so now it is a question of diet (which it always is)

Thanks a ton!

Slowly increase calories, or I think you’ll gain more fat than you’d like. It’s what happened to me a couple of years ago.

Start out with 3000 calories or so and go from there. If you haven’t gained weight in two weeks, up your calories.

You’re going to get flamed for being so skinny, so get to work!

Oh, and keep a food log, at least at first. Most people (including me, when I first started) didn’t realize how much I was eating until I wrote down what I was eating.

-eat at least your weight in protein (shoot for 2 though)
-get enough dietary fat, get ur monos and polys, 100g split between the three is a good number.
-mess with carbs, meaning eat a good amount if ur not putting on fat and weight isnt moving by at least a half pound a week, up carbs until it moves.

-walking cardio 4 times a week, steady state, 30min, as you move your calories up, youll have to, increase that to 45min. do the cardio anytime, am before feeding works well if you can do it. this will stimulate your hunger enough to eat big and keep fat gain to a minimum.

-olive oil and steak

Go to the beginners page. There is a HUGE sticky called “Bulking Tips for Newbies”