Bulking Time....

Ok I have decided that it really is time to bulk up, this is not in response to the skinny-fat manifesto… It was a good article but I have been contemplating bulking up for some time. Anyway on to my goals etc.

Obviously I plan on gaining weight and strength but I would like to clarify somethings first. I am looking at re-joining the Army (Australian) so there fore I cant gain too much or I will have to wait a while because they still go by the BMI scale and even though I could gain heaps of muscle and have the same level of fat as a pro bodybuilder, I would still be considered overweight. I have roughly 3.5 months to gain all my weight and lose a little bit of fat (just for teh vain bastard in me).

I have been trying to think about what routine I will do, How long Iwill train for and then I tried to figure out how I would fit it all in, then I decided what my real athletic goals were and where I wanted to see myself when I re-join the military (other factors came into it such as my job I am a boilermaker and work weekdays usually from 8am - 5pm).

Anway getting to it, I will be working out first thing in the morning, then I will have a shower and eat breakfast etc then get my arse to work, this will work well for me because I will be able to spend my time after work with my amazing girlfriend and eat and sleep (It shouldnt be any harder than this). At lunch time (I have a paid hour break) I will have a 20-40 minute nap and then eat (or eat first) then go back to work. I will also eat every 2-3 hours either protein + carb or protein + fat.

Training will be as follows: I will focus on military orientated strength and conditioning drills (or those that have a good deal of carry over) with some isolation work for overall development and to bring up some weak points in my strength/physique. it wioll be a mix of roughly 80% compound lifts and 20% isolation drills. I will also start swiming and ruck marching/tabbing again. I will do Kettlebell work once a day with a pair of 32kg kettelbells as GPP (this is in addition to the ruck marching and swimming) - It should also be noted that I am trying out for SF straight away through the army’s new direct entry.

I am still putting my routine together and I will post it tomorrow with some before pics…

Thats it right now so enjoy or rip me a new arse hole if need be. I am posting this for any advice or critisism, no need to be kind.

~ Simon Forsyth

Hi Simon,

Firstly, regardless of how the training goes I hope you realise your goal of making the SF.

The only comment I have to make is this : you seem to be on a pretty tight schedule. As such, an injury would be far more serious to you than to other trainees. Training in the morning seems unavoidable for you, but it is also the most injury prone time of the day, especially when you are doing taxing compound exercises. Having said this, many people train in the morning without hassle, just ensure that you always do a warm up set or two before jumping into the squats.

Best of luck again,


I have never had a problem training in the morning and my walk to teh gym (usually in sweats and warm clothes) wamrs me up quite a bit no matter how cold it is. Yeah The morning is the only real time I can train and I enjoy the idea of doing something in teh morning that is just for me and no-one else.

Now this may sound like I have my head up my arse but I dont care. Realizing my dream of getting into SF wont be a problem, I have trained with many SF guys from around teh world and while I have let myself go a bit, I know that I have time to get back into shape and I used to be in teh army previously so I am used to the srmy style of training.

Why dont I worry about SF selection? well The only way you will see me fuck up my chances of selection is if I injure myself and I am forced off of selection. Do I realise how hard it is? I have an Idea but I will never truley settle on an idea of this is how hard it will or wont be so that way I will just imagine the worst and see how it goes.

Much liek when I was getting into shape for when I joined the military last time, I was told by my Cpl that my fitness levels and strength were good enough that with only a few weeks of training (and that training was to be alone in the bush) I would be ready for selection. Passing the requirments for 3RAR was hard but still easy in retrospect.

Thanks for the support anyway, I always warm up and also do warm up sets so there wont be a problem there. I really appreciate the support.

~ Simon Forsyth