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Bulking This Winter


I’m hoping people here will be more helpful than at bodybuilding. I couldn’t actually get an answer just mocking and “go follow a routine, you’re obviously not ready to do your own program.”

First off I have been lifting for 4 years and have gained significant strength and a little size. This winter I want to do a significant bulk. I always want as much info as I can get to make sure I’m doing everything as correctly as I can.

For diet I maintain body weight at 2200-2300 cals, and lose at 1800. Should I be aying 2500 to bulk?

For working out I’ve gained size by doing 6 reps of 10-12 sets with 4 different exercises and a 5 day split. I wasn’t eating for size however so I don’t know if this adequate for a good bulk. Should I keep with this when I eat for it or is this not as good as it could be?


Depends on a lot of factors:
numbers on main lifts?


I’m 28, 70 inches, 215 lbs unfortunately not all muscle. I am on trt keeping my levels in the 7-800 range.
1RM: squat 520, bench 275, seated row 230.


For clarification… your doing 10-12 sets per sessions divided among 4 different exercises, correct?
or do you mean your doing 10-12 sets per exercise for sets of 6?


Sorry I was super tired meant 6 sets of 10-12 reps per exercise


Ah good lifting number, not really a beginner.

Both get on a high volume program that will raise your maintenance level/metabolic rate and up your calories to 2800-3000(clean foods/no sugar crap etc)

Either these fit the bill for your strength levels…


Mate if those stats are correct you DO NOT maintain on 2200 calories, you are counting them incorrectly or guestimating incorrectly! I can assure you, at 215lbs squatting 520 you are NOT maintaining on 2200 cals!


520 squat my ass.
Start by being honest, and maybe you’ll get honest help.