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Bulking, Then Maintaining


With all the talk of bulking then cutting, I wondered if anyone has tried bulking then keeping around that weight for a certain amount of time.

I'll use my situation as an example. I put on about 80lbs in a bit over a year(14-15months). While this was clearly alot of beginner gains, since the start of 2009, I have gained hardly any weight.

There were a few reasons at first. I picked up some injuries. I wasn't working so I didn't have the cash to spend on excess food. And for my bodyweight (230-235) I was pretty weak. Actually I was really fucking weak since I started, and my strength to bodyweight ratio didn't really improve a great deal so I decided to work on this area. I was also getting a fatter then I was comfortable with(~20% bf).

So for the last few months I have done pure strength training. I'm alot stronger then I was at the start of the year, with the same bodyweight, but I'm not as fat, and all my measurements are bigger - as you would hope so, lol.

What's interesting, is that when I first hit 235, my bodyweight would fluctuate a lot, but for a while I was eating alot less while I had to learn how to eat out of a cooler for 12hour shifts and it stayed the same. Now it seems my maintenance calories could be as low as ~3000 when they used to be over 4000 and I can still make gains. I think(though I don't know for sure) that if I wanted to gain more weight now, I could do so with 4000-4500 calories a day, whereas if I wanted to keep gaining at the start of the year, it would of taken over 5000/day for the same effect.

Do you think there is any merit to this? To stop bulking, and not cutting but to let your body stay at a certain weight for a while. And by doing so it could make future bulking easier?

I think alot of these guys here that cut, would be better off just staying at the same weight and working on filling it out rather then cutting. I think Dave in the Cell did a similar thing(I'll reread the thread) and actually lost a little bodyweight and gained size.


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Yes, this has been talked about in great detail across many different threads. If you immediately start dropping weight after you hit a new higher weight, you will drop more muscle than if you either held that weight for a while or simply slowed the gaining process down a little.

I would NOT recommend that someone who is still in the initial stages of building a solid base of mass simply hold the same weight for extended periods of time. If anything, slow things down as damage control and then keep gaining unless you have simply gained so much body fat that you now need to diet 20lbs of it off before gaining again.


I guess its pretty individual, but how long would you say for the initial mass building stage. I'm almost 2 years now but would say I'm still a good way off.

And if holding the same bodyweight, but still making the same rate of progress, is it really worth bulking?



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