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Bulking then cutting...will it help me??

SOrry if this has come up before, but i just spend an hr searching “bulking” and couldnt find a complete answer to my question.
Im 162lbs, 5’11. 9.8% bf. I am no where near ripped status and hardly have abs. Im considering bulking untill febuary then slowly start cutting up for the summer. Is this gunna help me accomplish my goal of being ripped (6 pack and all…)for the summer or is it just a waste of time? If i worked for a 6 pack now my arms would be string beans
thanks for your time

bulk until early spring, then start cutting. You could do a fat fast diet for 2 weeks while doing some good thermogenics. try to get MD6 and the original T2. You will find that if you are training correctle you will be able to put on a lot of lean mass with your current body weight. You might even start losing fat. Do alot of deadlefts, squats, rows and bench presses with heavy weight so you can kick up your metabolism. Also do some high intensity interval training so you can also get some good cardio work. Don’t worry about cutting until spring. laters pk

I understand where your coming from because I just made the decision to start bulking up myself. Don’t try to drive yourself crazy dieting just to get a six pack, because with your frame you could easily put on size while at the same time burning fat. You just have to remember to eat sensible foods like oatmeal and rice for carbs, and not BK, or MCD all the time. If you eat cleaner foods it will be alot easier to burn off the fat when the time comes next spring. Just remember to maintain a good amount of protein.

I eat really clean. No junk, lots of oatmeal. Is there a certain number of carbs i should shoot for?? Im hitting about 400-500 a day. my protein is 225-275. Fats about 110-130 (85% of my fats come from alamonds.) Cals are 4000+ I workout 4 days a week and play soccer 4 days a week. (2 hr sessions) thanks for the replys

looks like you have enough cardio with the soccer. you might be training too much that’s why you have not gained mass because you are not recouping enough. on your soccer days i would definitely have more carbs. laters pk

any suggestion?? like 500-600 carbs on soccer days???

How did you measure your BF%? I would think that at 9.8% at that height and weight, shouldn’t you be able to at least see your abs? Am I missing something here?

But if you are indeed at 9.8% (?), then it is certainly the time to go on a bulking phase.

Go ahead and bulk a little. I would use an HST cycle and then immediately jump into an EDT cycle, all they while getting ample calories, this 12 weeks would do anybody good.

Bulking up is good to do. Lift hard but don’t overtrain and then eat plenty of good foods getting about 2 grams of protein per lb. of bodyweight. You will get bigger, heavier and stronger everyday until such time as you are satisfied with your weight. You should get to at least 200 lbs. in your first attempt which should last about 8 weeks.

Subsequently, you can choose any number of diets to lose some fat. I found the ANABOLIC DIET the best for keeping size and losing fat. However, your end goal to be accomplished within 2-3 years should be to get yourself to 230 lbs. Then you can figure out what you want to do with your physique at that point. You must CONSISTENTLY train hard but not overtrain, eat well and stick to the basics like bench, squats, presses, rowing, partial deadlifts from the knee are good, shrugs…just the basics.

Have you looked at the Poliquin diet? From what I have read it is a great diet to bulk or cut. The main thing is too get your goals. Where do you ultimately want to be when all is said and done.

You need to cut back on either the soccer or the lifting (preferably the soccer if you want to bulk). If this is soccer season, then it may be a good idea to cut, and then bulk in the off season. If this is the case, cut your time in the gym to 2-3 days a week, no more than 1hr. 5X5 may be a good choice for you. Your carbs seem a little high, I would bump the protein to 300, and start using flax/fish oil to bump the fats up a little more. This may help you lose some of the BF.

Yea my abs were starting to show but nothing special. I got my bf done at the gym. My goals arent to be huge… I just want to have a low BF with muscle…I HAVE to do cardio 3-4 days a week since i play soccer and i cant get out of practice. Im looking more into a longer bulking phase then just 8 weeks becuase i have the whole winter. Id like to be cut for summer… goal - 175 lbs, 8%bf (i dont know if thats realistic since i have never bulked or really cut before) All advice is welcome

its soccer season but can’t i still try to bulk??? I know my results wont be as good but shouldnt i still see results??
also "I would bump the protein to 300, and start using flax/fish oil to bump the fats up a little more. This may help you lose some of the BF. " Should i get the flax in pill form? How much fat intake should i have??? thanks

ok let’s face it , you are skinny. now you seem to be caught up in a lot of things. Pick one and go for it. You want to bulk, then eat like a monster and cut back on cardio. Since you can’t cut the cardio you need to bump up you carbs and fats on those days to make up for the energy expenditure. It seemed like you were getting enough calories but you have to bump protein to 2 grams per body lb. as well as taking in atleast 2.5 to 3 grams carbs per body lb. with .5 grams fat per body lb. Just keeping pumping heavy weights with proper form and work on the negatives when you can. have some patience. spring is a long while from here. then you can start cutting. You should definitely try to overshoot your bodyweight goal by atleast 10 pounds because you will lose weight depending on your diet when you go on your cutting phase. laters pk