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Bulking Techniques

guys im about to enter the process of bulking. ive been cutting down for 5 months on a HIGH FAT and HIGH PROTEIN diet and have cut to 150lbs and 7% bodyfat. at the minute aswel im supplementing on coconut oil, fish oil, whey protein, creatine monohydrate, himalayan salt and organic barley grass.

to bulk ive been told to keep up my HIGH FAT and HIGH PROTEIN diet for 4 days then on the fifth day have a carb loading day. (and repeat the cycle). this day to consist of organic oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, rice pasta and fruit n vegetables. also ive been told to include the supplements Vitargo and Glutamine in my post training shakes and to have 5 shakes in my loading day consisting of the 2 suppliments, between my 5 meals…

any agreements or disagreements on this guys?

or any other good bulking ideas??

sorry for all he questions…im a rwally interested beginner!!!

There’s plenty of ways to bulk, but I’d say most people here would disagree with your way. You generally want plenty of carbs while bulking. Eat your carbs in the morning and around your workout time. Do a search and you’ll find tons of info. There are hundreds upon hundreds of articles and threads about this.

Overboard. Add the carbs back in slowly. No need to try and do it overnight. This way your body will have a chance to adapt to the higher carb intake.

If you read some of CT’s articles regarding this, you may come to the conclusion that you can get significant uptake and storage without resorting to such extreme measures.

For now, focus on tweaking post-workout nutrition so there are more carbs in the shake and perhaps in your first food meal after. On the carb-up days, add in the grains you mentioned.

Also, I would not worry too much about fruit intake on low carb days as long as you are not eating kilos of it.