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Bulking Supps?


Looking for some supps to compliment my bulking diet. Currently I am 19, 5'11 and 178lbs. I was just looking for some "good" supps that you guys suggest.

I was wondering if I should get a standard whey or a weight gainer shake? I know most weight gainers are blends and not as good quality so what do you guys think? As far as creatine I was planning on grabbing podium gold as I have had good results in the past.

What else do you think would be nice to have? I know my diet is in check and I am just SUPPLEMENTING my diet with these. So give me your input


for shits and giggles, how about at least listing what you eat on a daily basis


peanut butter, eggs, beef, EVOO, EVCO, milk........ :wink:

really though, weight gainers are ok for convenience but it's always cheaper if you make your own high-cal shakes


Well alright lol. No set diet. I live at home so what we have really varies but on an average day heres what I eat.

I got school 5 hours a day so I eat a few sandwhiches.

Breakfast: 4-5 whole eggs, Ham and Cheese (2-3 egg) omelet, a bagel or some toast.

Brunch lol: Chicken breast sandwhich from subway around 800-900 cals.

Sandwhich later: Peanut butter on wheatbread or turkey sandwhich on wheat bread.

Pre workout: Some risotta, or potatoes or a cup of brown rice with a chicken breast.

Post workout: 1-2 chicken breasts

Dinner: Fam makes the dinner and always varies but it always has one of every source. Always a protein, carb starch, and salad. Protein is either a tri tip steak or chicken breasts, and carbs are typically spaghetti. This is also my largest meal of the day, I think thats the only way Ive been gaining weight as I know you cant grow that great on sandwhiches lol

Before bed: I usually have a few table spoons of peanut butter with an apple.


yes... you can. why wouldnt you be able to?

count calories. it seems like a bitch at first but becomes really handy when you need to make adjustments


Well I've just always thought. A full meal like a cup of brown rice and 2 chicken breasts with asparagus vs a sandwhich with deli cuts, ya know. But I know you can... Ill try and give it a go. I used to but there was no use because every day I ate something different.


Hoho's and ding dongs.


Im sure those will hit the spot perfectly. Thanks.


I find that nut butters like peanut, almond, hazelnut are an easy way to get more cals.


LOL @ milk and Dbol


Referring to the milk and dbol or the hoho's and ding dongs? I'd recommend both.


Some grown ups learn to cook and buy tupperwares to carry meals in. Try it some time before you hit 30.


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Thats my problem. Thats why I often bring lunchables stackers to school...Or maybe if I feel good, a PB&J. Anyway I have never heard of these supps you all speak of, maybe you guys can list some


I was referring to the hoho's and ding dongs but Im sure all four would work great. I think Ill try them out after this tren cycle I am on.


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