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Bulking support group ver. ?

well since summer is basically over and some of us are going to start bulking soon, I decided to start this thread to get us ready for the bulking season, I personally will start mine in 3 weeks, after I lose the last five lbs to get me to 6 percent bf, as to make bulking more successful. I am going to start at 2400 calories then raise it 350 cals every 2 weeks, until I am at about 3950, at keep it there till I start to put on too much fat, workout is going to be a 16 week (adding a week on to each phase) Great gun program, then on to ian kings chest and back routine, hoping since I have taken it easy on the bis since march, to get my puny 15’s up to somthing more respectable haha…ayone else care to share?

PS going to start a 6month-neverending myostat cycle in mid oct, plus im going to throw in an 8week mag-10 cycle mid january…hah I also should probably stock up on tribex while im at it.

anyone else care to share?

I’m starting bulking the beginning of oct. Have a couple of bottles of mag 10, tribex, M, creatine, tubs of protien powder. I’m ready to do the damn thing.

Hello Guys,
Im with you being ready to start the bulking phase. I plan to start mine pretty late but thats ok with me. I plan to start after November 1st. Just after me and my friend finish our personal grudge match. I figure I’ll be bulking for a good 20 weeks. Primarily it be devoted with strength. I perfer to do Westside workouts. Not as high key as theirs since I don’t take any drugs. At the end Im going to try the great guns workout. I also have 15 inch arms and would love to have them a little bit bigger. At least 16 inches would be nice with good definition.

Im going to use the Mag-10 also starting in Nov or I might just use them next month for a little bust before the competition. If anyone used it and have gotten good results let me know. Thats about it for me. Thats the program I am aming for and hope to acheive good results. Ill probably bulk up to 220 lbs and hope to be able shed at least 15 to 20 lbs of it.

This is going to be my first bulking cycle, I am 178 at about 8-9 percent, going to start bulking at 175-5-6 percent, what can i expect as far as gains go, should i do any type of maintnence/dieting calories during the winter? or just keep it at over-maintnence? I also was thinking of eating 7 meals a day instead of six, to keep the metabolism a little higher and keep the fat off, breakfast: P+C, snack 1: P+F, snack 2: p+f, PWO: P+C, dinner P+C, snack 3: P+F, then a P+F snack before bed, and maybe something when I get up to pee…any suggestions?

Right now I’m in the middle of bulking phase. I’m super ectomorph boy (6’ 2"). I’m using EDT style training with bench, shoulder press, rows, and pullups, and the Ian King Limping program for legs. Trying to put on some serious mass to break the 200 lbs barrier-- shooting for 1 lbs/week for about the next 10, then going to go fat fast for 3 weeks after I get to 200. My house does a lingerie party (everybody’s undressed) so I need to not tight, not beefy.

No supplements yet except creatine, but methoxy-7 when I go fat fast. eating like this: Binge on weekends (i’m skinny), go hypocaloric on monday, then 4000-5000 k/Cal through friday. Making good gains since I left home. Mostly following Massive eating, so lots of nuts, beans, bread, oatmeal, canned fish, whey, yogurt. Already seen some really good tricep growth with EDT.