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Bulking Stack

Hey guys, just came off a cutting cycle with fantastic results. Now preparing for a bulker and wondering if anyone had any advice? The last bulker I did was 500mg Sust p/w and 200mg Winny p/w, again great results but I’d like to try something a little diiferent (better?).

I was thinking 500 mg Enanthate p/w but not sure what to stack it with. Prefer gear that is not massive on side effects like hair loss although I do take Proscar to retain my full head of hair! Oh yeah I wont take Deca becasue it can rule me out of certain pursuits!

Thanks guys I’d appreciate your input

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As I’m sure you know, mass comes from food. You could take that same cycle for cutting and just eat more food and you’ll gain some quality mass.

However, if you’re looking for a classic mass cycle I would suggest looking into orals. These are good since they work along different mechanisms (class 1 and 2 stuff some people espouse) and you get a compounding effect outside or stacking just injectables.

I had a huge post typed up for this, but I’m going to summarize it for ease of reading: Test stacked with the following will be great… tren, tren + dbol, dbol, or just more test. I’ve avoided any fancy cycles or stacking info and I’m keeping it to the classic non-deca mass cycles.

Tren is a nor-19 like deca, but it’s shorter acting and thus you could stop using it or lower the dose if sexual problems occur. Tren will put mass on you as fast as you can eat food. Stacked with dbol it makes for an almost uncomfortably quick mass gain (provided you are relatively fresh to gear and aren’t too massive already). Test alone or with dbol alway does the job, but the gains are less clean.

I like to keep my cycles simple with old-school compounds. I don’t use much in the way of the newer fancy drugs. However, I have used IGF-1 LR3 and will say it is spectacular. I gained a couple pounds while getting noticeably leaner without changing anything, and this was on my 100mg/wk test-e HRT dose.

The only other thing I would suggest is adding test, a nor-19, and a dht-derived compound all in the same stack. This creates very effective cycles, but it’s a bit fancy and expensive for most people’s needs.

So yeah, test at 500mg/wk is good to start. I would add (per week) 500mg test, 350mg tren, or 350mg dbol. You could always add two from the list for a truly huge stack (at least for you from your last cycle and current setup).

Thanks that was a very informative reply. Yeah ive pretty much decided on the test 500 per week as I’ve only done 3 cycles in 2 years so am relatively fresh as you say. would primo or winny be worth it at all?

If you’ve done 3 cycles 500mg of Test sounds a bit low. Tren could give you potential hair issues but then again a lot of gear can too.

Try something like 750-1000mg of Test a week with 50mg ED for a Dbol kickstart. If you have 250mg/ml Test [which most of us do] try 1.5cc or 375mg E3D.

Ive only done one test cycle and that was 2 years ago. believe me i will grow enormous on 500 as with 250 p/w my gains were ridiculously big (im not sure what all this talk of 250mg per week just shutting your test production down), and no it wasnt water weight.

I just need to find the best thing to stack it with. but again thanks for the input, i appreciate it. is there anything to be said for winny?