Bulking Stack: Test + Tren + 3rd Compound?

Hi! Not a beginner here. Last year my most successful cycle made me my leanest look ever: low Test P + high Tren A + Mast + oral Anadrol (first few weeks). It was more of a cutting cycle because my appetite was really suppressed. Body fat was below 10% for the first time ever in my life but I never really lost any muscle.

This year, I’d like to do Test and Tren again, but this time high Test E/Cyp & mod/low Tren E for bulking, plus a third compound. High Test and lower Tren because I wouldn’t be able to bulk with my appetite down. What do you think?

What 3rd compound would you guys suggest? Maybe Anadrol again? Or something that’s dry but good for bulking and boosts appetite?

Thanks in advance!

What are your stats? Height, weight, big 3 maxes, BF%, age?

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I need to see your EKG and echocardiogram / CAS tests first in good conscience. BP / RHR / HRR / age?

Oh yeah and what @wsmwannabe said :grinning:.


I’m 31, 5,7”, 170lbs. My bfp is probably at least 15% now (compared to last year when it was below 10%).

All good based on my blood test results 3 months after my cycle last year

Do you really need to blast to get bigger with these stats?

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Honesty, I just want to get back to my lean Tren body last year but with bigger muscles. I already recently started bulking off-cycle which is why I’m already 170lbs, and thank God for nutrition-partitioning supplements to help me not get real FAT! Lol. I gotta get back on cycle asap, that’s non-negotiable lol

Wait, so you weighed less than 170 after bulking up from your Test, Tren, Mast and Anadrol blast? I’m failing to see how or why AAS were needed when this could have been attained naturally.

Have you considered that your body, at 31 years old, is actually pretty damn good at partitioning nutrients? Most of these supplements are snake oil in GNC packaging.

If you say so. Good luck man, I hope the exchange of health for temporary gainz that could be achieved naturally is worth it.


I didn’t bulk up from my cycle last time. I got leaner, I was around 150. I’m 170 right now, off cycle. But not lean

Why can’t people just try to answer the question SMH lol

Well, to be fair, blood test doesnt show any of what he asked, but thats offtopic.

i think its anadrol that shut your apetite down… tren is great at nutrient partitioning and is known to cause sudden blood sugar drops which feel like an extreme hunger…

anyway, at your stats i dont see the point of so much drugs… id go 300-400 test and same tren… stanazolol is my oral of choice but at 171lbs… man, i think you can just do 250 test a week for a year and grow into at least 200…


Thanks, man! Noted. Does it matter which ester of test and tren for bulking I should use?

Test for me is all the same. I use sust because its the most available where i live but i dont feel any difference between test esters.
I use tren e as i dont get the caugh. I do feel the ace kick but i get the caugh almost every other injection and since ace should be pinned ed, its basically every other day which i cant take…

Care to share what your least successful cycle was?

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I’d say the first few Test only ones years ago

Your cycle protocol matches what I did for 2 decades. But I would limit cycles to 8 weeks and follow 8 weeks off. (Today cruising seems preferable to many, but I liked a complete off time.)

I don’t think it much matters what the testosterone is as long as you consider half-life.
An injectable anabolic is whatever you like, but keep the dosage 200mg/wk or less.
I always added an oral, but it was whatever I could get and usually limited to 20 to 30mg/day (spread out throughout the 24 hours to assist minimizing half-life concerns).

I usually took between 400 and 600mgs/wk for 8 week cycles. (Only got to 600mg/wk near a contest.) If body weight matters in your calculations, I trained at 240lbs.

For a bulk? I’d do test/primo/anadrol if it were me

This is like going to a car dealer and saying, “hey, I need a car” and the salesperson starts asking questions about what you need the car to be able to do, and you respond with “just sell me a car, why so many questions?”


Not really. But oh well. At least i tried.

Never gave the answer for these either:

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I’m not sure you can judge his muscularity going by just weight, height and bf%.
For example, I know a guy who’s exactly my weight, height and bf% yet I’m way more muscular.
I have very tiny joints (6" wrists) so that might explain why.
We’d need to look at op’s pictures to see if he’s in natty territory.

I was left wondering how come the tren/AAS never kicks in. Maybe he got ripped off. Should have tested it or something.