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Bulking = Snoring?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread but it’s sort of related to diet so I figured this was the best place.

My husband started really trying to bulk in September. He’s put on about 15 lbs. since September, going from about 180 to 195, and it’s the heaviest he’s ever been. He has never had a snoring problem until he put on the weight so I’m assuming it’s because of the increase in weight.

We’ve tried the breathe right strips and I’m wearing ear plugs but it’s still pretty bad. He starts snoring pretty much the second he closes his eyes. Has anyone had a similar problem and found some tricks to help stop the snoring?

Weight gain sounds like something that could aggravate snoring, but I don’t know for sure.

Ive had some snoring problems in the past, and I found the best way to stop the snoring is to sleep on a slight incline. I suggest putting blocks under the head of the bed. It puts less pressure on the throat and airway.

My husband snores when he is heavy, it goes away when he drops weight. Ear plugs are my friend.

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for me bulking has equaled snoring.
My roommate complains but I haven’t even attempted to remedy the problem. :wink:
I sleep fine and wake up feeling rested, and all my lifts have gone up, so the roomie can bitch all he wants. wow I sound like a real dick right now don’t I?

I’m not sure if this’ll help, but back when I use to be incredibly obese I use to have sleep apnea, and it would sound like I was moaning almost every time I exhaled. As soon as I lost the weight, it suddenly and magically disappeared. I never had the sleep apnea before I got to a certain weight, so that may be the issue. Get it checked it out with a doctor.