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Bulking Schedule!


Ok, every thread i read about bulking says something along the lines of, eat a lot, sleep alot, lift hard, stay dedicated, etc. but does anyone have any advice for an 18 year old that works about 30-40hrs a week, goes to school and cant go a day without thinking about lifting?

its not so easy to do all the things in these threads. it seems that the people that post them, their lives revolve around lifting. dont get me wrong, i wish my life could too. but when you have to wake up for school, then work til 10 at night and have to figure out where to squeeze in the gym time, its hard to find time for everything else, like eating and sleeping.

I am 18 and 6' and i have gone up to 200lbs but i have been working more hours lately so i dropped to 195. not sure about body fat tho, but its not too high considering i can still see my top too abs and the line down the whole middle.


Chris Shugart wrote an article about this very subject.


It won't be easy but it can be done, write down how many calories you think you need and do what it takes to get that many in. If you don't grow, up the calories. And keep a food log, don't let yourself get totaly distracted with partying and sleeping in late on the weekends.


Take a Sunday, buy a lot of lean ground beef, tomatoes, and spices, etc. Make a huge pot of chili and refrigerate it. There are some good recipes on here and chili tastes great cold. Grill some chicken and beef also. A nice recipe I often use is 1 cup of oatmeal with 3 scoops protein powder, 1tbs Natty PB, mix together, whallah. Whatever you have to, just make sure you don't miss meals during the week.

I would say just to pick a program on this site and go balls to the wall on it, but work around your schedule. If you can go to the gym frequently but just for short intervals, think about a bodypart split where you work one muscle group per day, pound the crap out of it, and get the heck out of there. That is, if your goal is bodybuilding, which I'm going to assume.

Make sure a majority of your movements are those in which you can readily progress and add reps or weight each time you come back around to that movement, whether it be one week or two weeks, depending on if you rotate exercises. I'm not saying some lateral raises or flies can't be thrown in, just that a majority of your time should be on movements that force you to move a lot of weight in good form. Rack deadlifts will make for much larger traps than shrugs, and squats shouldn't even be questioned. If you start to feel beatup or just know that after 6 weeks of increasing reps and weight your joints and CNS can't take it anymore, take a week or two and do some easy training, working on form, and just relax.



The answer is that you do the very best you can with the time that you have!

The truth is that unless you're very finacially well off so that you can create your own schedule to do whatever you want, your life CANNOT revolve around lifting or anything else that won't pay the bills.

My advice to you is not to worry about it. Believe it or not your life should mean more to you than whether your abs are showing or not.

Work in as much gym time as your schedule permits, eat right, but most of all study and do well in school. Then, perhaps, some day you can call your own shots and have all the time you want in the gym.



you can't find three fucking hours a week to work out?


and before you give me anymore of your sob story, I worked 40+ hours a week putting myself through college and somehow could always get in three to four hours a week to work out in a gym...

prioritize your time efficiently.


Waaaa. I work 45-50 hours a week and still manage to go to the gym 6 days a week. Pay attention to how often you have the tv on and then see if you really don't have any spare time, or just keep making excuses.


40+ hour a week here along with full time Grad School still get in the gym 3 to 4 days a wekk. Just dont waste my time with TV etc. It all about priority.


I'm a student on a bulking program, keep these in mind when bulking (smartly):

1)Most foods can be cooked in bulk...chili, potatoes, chicken salads, etc., and stay fresh for several days.

2)Shakes are quick and easy way to get calories in, you can put anything in them. If you begin and end the day with a shake that takes care of 2 of the ~6 meals you'll eat that day.

3)If you must miss a workout just try to make it up later, don't sweat it.

4)If you're bulking and somehow miss a meal, just fill up on the next one.

5)Have something to eat during crunch times or commutes, beef jerky and Ramen are great for this IMO.

6)If you're busting your ass in the gym and not filling up on almost every meal, you are undermining your efforts. I cannot stress this enough, bulking does not equal nibbling on nuts and berries and sipping on green tea!

7)It's good to have some sort of meal plan but just remeber to get in the calories you need by any means available.

8)Buffets are your friend!

9)Remember that you're gonna have to eat when you don't want to.