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Bulking Routine


I've been lifting weights off and on since I was in High School. I've always maintained a pretty muscular body at 5'8 175lbs. A couple of months ago I was surfing through this website when I came upon a link to a bulking routine. It was the 20 rep squat program or a variation of it. I do a full body routine three days a week. Sometimes I'll change up the exercises a bit for a certain body part (eg. I'll do inclines one day, flat the second and declines) I added pullups to the routine as well.

I am currently serving overseas in the U.S. Army so my nutrition is good but I don't measure anything (calories, protein, carbs, ect.) However, I do drink about 16oz of milk with my three meals a day and I suck down 40g of protein when I wake up, after training and before bed. I have been on this program now for seven weeks. I got on the scale yesterday and to my astonishment I was 192! I couldn't believe it. Like I said, I don't measure anything but I have not noticed any fat accumulation at all. I'm pretty excited about my gains. I think that I will stick to this routine for another eight weeks (when I redeploy).

I'm not sure how long this routine will last or what type of routine to transition to, but I'll continue to surf this website and hopefully figure it out!


The results sound good, what exactly was the routine called?. I would be surprised if you werent gaining fat on full cream milk, or is it skim milk?.


I drink 48oz of skim milk a day, maybe that's why I haven't seen any fat accumulation. The work out is "The 20 rep squat program" by John McCallum the website is www.bulkingup.moonfruit.com


Yeah thats right, i had problems with full cream had problems with stomach etc, then i started using skim milk i had no probems, and have been gaining weight getting bigger, and little to no fat i recommend it to anyone wanting to gain mass. I tried on a few of my t-shirts yesterday and ripped one and others are tight in the back area, i think its time for a new wardrobe.

Keep safe in the army, cheers.