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Bulking Routine


Looking to start a new workout(205lbs looking to get to 225lbs), eating 4500-5000 cals a day. Made this crazy routine up, let me know what you think. Have no idea if it will work, if i'm way off suggest something to try.

4 day split

Squats 3 sets of 5
Front squat 3 sets of 15
Decline Bench Press 3 sets of 5
Incline Dumbbell Flyâ??s 3 sets of 15
100 push-ups (until i finish)
50 pull-ups (until i finish)
Barbell Curl 1 set failure

Deadlifts 3x5
Bent over row 3 sets of 15
Tri Set
Side lat Raise 3x15
Front Lat Raise 3x15
DB Shrug 3x15
Calf Raise 3 sets Failure
100 push-ups (until i finish)
50 pull-ups (until i finish)


Get a proper routine and follow it.

If your squatting on Monday I still think you might be sore on thursday.


So? I squat twice a week, at least some variation of it, and have seen nothing but good things. Just because your sore doesn't mean you can't lift.


I think some PL's will disagree with you.....


Yea but why not squat on Monday and then on Saturday and give your body more of a chance to heal. Then squat on Thursday every 5 days.


Beach Bunny, I actually have decided that I don't think you're a troll. I just think you're an idiot.


So? Soreness means nothing. Working through the soreness actually helps with recovery. There is a difference between soreness and pain.

It's amazing to me how the women I know who are new to working out and get sore "man up" and push through it, yet guys cry about it and go jump under the covers and cry.


I squatted 3 times a week while doing Starting Strength and added 150 lbs to my squat. Plus, you stop getting sore after 2-3 weeks.
To answer your question, I'd say get rid of the push ups and only deadlift once a week. (You may want to substitute power cleans on the day you do not deadlift.)