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Bulking Routine Opinions & Advice


little bit of background first been into lifting weights properly for a little over a year. Few weeks back i broke my collar bone then just as it heeled had my exams, last of which is tomoro, so ive lost a fair bit of muscle but managed to stay fairly lean because i was watching what i was eating so im about 13$ body fat thats a rough guess though.

so im going to be hitting the gym hard over the summer as i plan on going to uni next year and ant to get invovled in sport there so i developed a plan to help me bulk up after my exams are over but am still wanting to maintain cardio fitness by mixing gym work with sport specific excercises.
im 6ft2 and currently weigh around abouts the 185 pound mark.
i intend on playing rugby at uni or possibly american football.

my weight program will consist of 3 FB workouts a week and is as follows
dumbbell bench press 3x8
wide grip pull ups 5x5
back squat 3x8
bench pec fly 3x8
military press 3x8
leg curl 3x8

deadlift 3x8
seated rows 3x8
dips 5x5
clean and press 3x8
incline dumbbell bench press 3x8
lunges 3x8

dumbbell shoulder press 3x8
front squat 3x8
flat barbell chest press 3x8
deadlift 3x8
bent over row 3x8
leg extension 3x8

at the end of each weight session i was intending on doing 10 mins or so if core excercises.

on tuesday i plan on doing a a 30 min plyometric circuit to improve explosive strength and my vertical jump

Thursday will be a rest day

saturday i will do a sport specific muscular endurance circuit using body weight excericses, punch bag and tires, however i may alternate this with cardio excericses weather it be interval training, hill sprints, HIIT, or a simple flat run

sunday will be a rest day

my diet will vary but will be high calorie but mostly clean so here is what i think should be a typical day

Breakfast: porridge oats with semi-skim milk plus 50g of protein powder mixed with water

Mid-morning: tuna/salmon/chicken salad with pine nuts and goats cheese

Lunch: Large baked potato + can of tuna and sweetcorn with greek yogurt

Pre-workout: almonds and some dried cranberries and 4 creatine CEE tablets

Post workout: 60g protein powder mixed with water and a banana and two creatine CEE tablets

Dinner: usually consists of either potatoes or wholegrain rice or pasta with a meat or fish portion of veg

Evening snack big scoop of low fat cottage cheese and couple slices of cold meat

this will alter slightly obviously but i will try and keep roughly the same nutritional values

i am looking for some opinions on this routine and any advice would be appriciated thanks


Uhm. I don’t like it. Too much volume.

How about one of these below?

3-way movement split: www.ironaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8050

Upper/Lower: www.elitefts.com/ws4sb/WS4SB.pdf

Full body: www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm

How much have you gained since you’ve started lifting? What are you starting and current weights on the big 3?


I’m too lazy to really analyze your diet. Your food choices look fine. Just monitor your weight gain - 1 lb a week is plenty, on average. Weigh yourself once a week, at the same time and same day. If you’re not gaining weight, throw a glass of milk in there. Don’t be afraid to drink whole milk. :wink:


before i broke my collar bone i was lifting squat:85kg deaadlift: 110kg and bench 65kg but i would imagine these numbers will have dropped because of my injury and exams preventing me from going to the gym for 10 weeks now. since i started working out i think ive added between 10-15kg on my major lifts


Hey fairbairn,

Are those 1rm’s?

Personally I don’t like the program much either. I agree that it’s too much volume, especially for a beginner.

Also I can’t really see any logic to the program, it’s too much just a random selection of exercises and not in any real order? I mean, db bench and pull ups before doing squats? Rows straight after deads but before dips? I just don’t really get it.

What sort of program have you been using up until now? Stick with something more “traditional” and proven, the programs that goochadamg posted are solid, so is starting strength (similar to madcow, i think?), SL’s… I think ws4sb has been getting real popular too, but I’m not so keen on that myself. Just my opinion.

Hit squats and dl’s hard. They will be your best friend for mass and strength gain.

I’d forget the plyo’s until you hit 1.5xbw 3x5 or so on your squat, or at least 2xbw 5rm for DL. You need to worry more about strength, then worry about “explosiveness.” Having a big squat will improve your vertical.

I’m not going to sacrifice anyone for wanting to add abit of cardio in, HIIT or bodyweight exercises or whatever. Do it on your off days or do it straight after the weights. Either way.

The diet looks ok. x2 on weighing yourself once a week. If you add approx a pound a week you’re eating enough. If you’re not adding weight every week, you’re not eating enough. Get at least 1.5g protein for every lb of body weight.

x2 on the whole milk, too. I did GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) for about eight weeks and gained almost 10lbs without doing anything else different with my usual diet.


remember, you will have to have warm up sets of each of the major muscle groups as well, you may end up being in the gym for quite a significant time with that program.

If you want a total body program either get on starting strength or look into any of Waterburys programs, many people get success with TBT or Huge in a hurry.

regarding diet, food choices are sound just keep an eye on the scale and on the mirror (or use a tape measure) if you start putting on too much fat scale back…if you arent putting on weight up the calories.

Actually, just noticed… except for one meal you have very little healthy fats…add some more nuts, olive oil, fish oil and advocado (amongst others) . oh and make sure you get some good animal fat regularly it is important.