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Bulking Routine for Skinny?

First and foremost I’d like to say thanks to all of y’all for all the knowledge and information on this site. I have been trying to take in as much as I can and am aware it’s not just going to the gym to achieve one’s goals. What I am looking for from yall is a proven routine for a main goal of bulking/getting bigger. The general consensus seems to be beginners need to stick to a proven routine before tweaking/designing their own. I would like to get a fully designed routine that I can follow to a T, and stick to for a few months before making any changes. I already eat very healthy, and I understand I need to up the caloric intake significantly. Not sure if it matters but 5 months a year I work at 9500ft above sea level and the rest at 7500.

Stats are as follows:
weaknesses: everything
strengths: desire to radically change my body and devotion to the cause
main goal: to put on 25-30 lbs. perhaps more once that is achieved. I understand that this is not something easily achieved nor will it happen in a short amount of time.

I’d like to give a pre-emptive thanks for your feedback and input. Whether it’s a link to a routine or a full routine posted here I am greatly appreciative. I have read here that beginners should not really worry about taking supplements but I am curious if there’s anything I should take to help achieve my goals.

Starting strength and 531 are favourites here, I’m in a similar situation as you and I’m doing starting strength. Its a great book to read too if you have little to no power lifting experience. Remember: no matter what program you’re on make sure you’re diet is solid, you can’t out train a shitty diet.

85% diet, 10% lift stuff up and put it down, 5% genetics.

Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to eat all that damn food.

Type in Kingbeefs “Do this routine” in the search function. Pick one of the templates listed and bust your butt and eat enough to consistently gain weight.

Protein powder is the only “supplement” you need. Get creatine if you want.


Just plug in your weights and take it to the gym with you…easy as that

Work on a heavy compound strength program like 531 full body or SS, until you achieve a decent base (1.5x Squat, 1x Bench, 2x Deadlift…give or take), and don’t forget to eat to a calorie surplus. Depending on your metabolism you may need to eat quite a bit more than you do now (4-5,000) calories.

Once you achieve this, then you can adjust your routine to more completely suit your goals.