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Bulking Results--Input Please


Ok, so a while ago I decided to bulk and quit dicking around with just dreaming about being solid.

Now, this has been an extended bulk, probably more slow than others, but it seems to have done the job. I'd still like to add another 15 lbs or so before I level off an maintenance and hold for a while.

I'm 5'11, 23 yrs old.

Starting: 173 lbs, 155.181 lbs LBM
Today: 196 lbs, 173.26 lbs LBM

Now I know that those numbers are not precise, but I trust them enough to track my changes because I took them under the same conditions.

So according to my scale I gained 18.079 lbs of LBM and 4.917 lbs of fat.

Measurement increases:
Neck: +0.5''
Bicep: +1.0''
Chest: +0.5''
Waist: +1.0''
Thigh: +2.25''
Calf: +0.5''

Ok, so I could have done without the inch on my waist, but that was inevitable.

But damn, it's been tough to add the last few lbs. I've been eating 4500 cals a day and it's difficult to get that many in when they're mostly clean.

Would appreciate any advice or comments that you have.


That seems like great results.

How was your training?


How long exactly was it?


Any idea what kind of a surplus you were running? Like 1000 over your mainenence or higher?


Thanks man. As far as training went, for most of the time I did a 4-day split with two upper and two lower days with help from Eric Cressey. My most recent split was a 5x5 modeled after what Starr/Pendlay have done previously.

As far as diet, I pretty much just pounded down loads of clean calories. Of course I cheated once and a while, but not too much. Once I stopped thinking that carbs would make me fat then I really started gaining.

I've been working at this since about November, and I've tracked my calories and made adjustments along the way. I can tell you that over the past 6 months, I have averaged 4000 cals a day with a 40/30/30 C/P/F breakdown. Of course I started out lower, around 3600 when I began, and I ramped up along the way. Now I'm probably around 4300-4500.


I started out about 500 over, but according to Harris-Benedict I'm now sitting at about 1000 over. It's hard to judge with these formulas. Usually I just go by the scale--if I'm not increasing every week, then I just eat more.


gaining 23lbs with only one inch on the waist is outstanding work