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bulking questions

Its bulking season, for me at least, going to start on nov 1, at 2900 cals, then up it 350 cals a week, till I hit mid-Jan, when ill re-evaluate, and then either straight to an 8-week mag-10 cycle, or cut then mag-10, my question is, Ill be starting a labor job the week before thanksgiving, unloading about 20,000 christmas trees for about 40 hours a week, (will still be hitting the gym), should I just bump my cals up 500 that week or what? And do you guys have any tips for eating on the go? I am thinking a lot of cottage cheese and protien powders, mixed with oatmeal in a blender, any other ideas for me?

During that week you’ll want to increase your kcal to account for the added workload of your job. I would start with 500 a day and then 2 days later re-evaluate, you may need to go more if you are low on energy or if you notice a decrease in body weight. For eating on the go, I make my own meal replacement shakes in the blender. Try it their not that bad, 2cup oatmeal, 4scoop protein powder, 12oz water, and 1/2cup flax oil or other oil. It doesnt taste bad and provides about 500kcal with low gly carb, healthy fats and protein.