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Bulking Questions from a Newbie

Hallo everyone. I’m new to nutrition concerning weights so I’ve some questions regarding my bulking up plan. I weight 150lbs.Including gym I have 2800~ maintenance so about 3200 should be ok for bulking. Now, 45%carbonhydrates=1350kcal,30%protein=900kcal,25%fat=750kcal is it ok? This means 225gr protein 335gr carbs and 83 fat.

I think carbs and protein is more than enough(tell me If i am wrong)but I dont know how to get the extra calories? Should it be from fat? Also,the off gym days my calories should be near maintenance and a little bit higher or lower?

Thanks in advance!

That honestly looks good to me, off days just lower the carbs and keep everything else the same.

i’d up the protein a bit to like 40%

[quote]Vinnie85 wrote:
i’d up the protein a bit to like 40%[/quote]

He’s planning on getting 225g of protein while weighing 150lbs. Do you honestly think he needs more protein?

yeh 225 is sufficent…

one thing you should probably do is log your food for a couple days to make sure you are actually hitting those numbers…

I’ve seen a couple guys post diets on here, and they are either eating way under or over their stated calorie goals…