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Bulking Question


Hey guys, first time poster, big fan of the site.

So here's my question. I've been bulking for about two months now and I've gained 6lbs (191lbs now). I'm happy with this because I've kept pretty lean. However, I get the feeling these gains are slower than they could be.

I'm eating about 3200 calories/day with 200 grams of protein. I'm thinking of upping this amount but I'd like to know some safe boundaries so I don't start getting more fat than muscle.

Any suggestions?


Well... the whole protein thing is usually based on the person... When you take it, how much at certain times... you can certainly increase your dosage is you want... I've known people that go 1.5 grams = per pound of bw.

Course, it could be the foods you are eating... or perhaps your workout in general... not really enough information


I'm eating 3200 calories a day. 200 grams of protein, 400 grams of carbs, and 60 grams of fat. I started by working out once every two days but later switched over to 5 days a week. I target a different body part every workout day. The only supplement I take right now is whey protein powder.

Btw, I didn't mean to imply I was upping just my protein, I'm more interested in overall calories.


Well, lets see... Your fat is quite high... reduce that, increase your protein intake...

You should take in bout 18-20 cals per pound of bodyweight on ur training days...

12-14 cals per pound on rest days.

It is based on you of course...

Two "example" menus I have in front of me...
In the end results...

Training Day - 3387 calories
339g of protein, 424g of carbs, 29g fat

Non-Training Day - 2442 calories
331g protein, 181g carbs, 25g fat


At 60 friggin gram of fat Too HIGH!!! NO not at all you NEED FAT for proper health and it plays a direct role in hormone production, general health etc. Id shoot for .4 - .6 g per lb on a good balanced diet meaning you between 74 and 114 grams Id split it right in the middle most days and call it good.

Keep the protein high if your getting at least 1g per lb your golden more at times sure just be sure to get 1 g and your fine. then carbs base them on your training and how you react to them



^ You're kidding, right? Do you know anything about nutrition?

Fat is anabolic. Your fat intake is too low. Up the protein to 1.5g/lb bodyweight, match the carbs to that (more on training days, less on off days). The rest is fat. Get your fat from animal sources (fish and beef, not salami), olive oil, and mixed nuts.

6 lbs in two months with little to no fat gain is plenty.


recommended dietary intake of fats is upwards of 30-35% now adays. You do the math.


Simply quoting an article in front of me, I figured they may know what they were doing, guess not.


That's the problem with logging on and only quoting shit you've read without the knowledge of shit you've experienced.


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