Bulking Question?

I’m 5’11 and 195 punds currently and I plan on bulking up to about 220-230. For this bulk I want to use a daily 40/40/20 PCF ratio. However, It’s not working out as well as I had planned. Usually it ends up somewhere around 40/22/38. I find it hard keep my calories high and to be eat enough carbs to keep the ratios right. I’m bulking at 4400 calories a day and it is kinda hard to eat 450 grams of carbs a day. Are the ratios that important? We all know fats are easy to eat and cheap to buy.

Does the 40/40/20 rule really matter?

40-40-20 is not vital or even close.

But, I find it hard to believe that you can’t find the carbs, when in fact, this is your goal. A sandwhich, 2 glasses of milk, and a yogurt has probably 70-80 g/c alone and that’s not including a piece of fruit or an extra sandwhich. And this is only one meal. Oatmeal for breakfast potatoes for supper. More milk. Cereal for snacks.

It’s out there. If you’re bulking–bulk. You have to change your mindset.

Forgot to mention that I’m lactose intolerant. Whoops.

So the ratio of PCF isn’t important at all? I know for certain that I don’t handle carbs very well towards the end of the day. It leads mostly to fat gain for me. Hence the reason why my fat intake is high.

Lactose intolerance does shorten the list, but still doesn’t make it impossible.

If you have problems with fat storage, frontload your carbs.

And again, the ratio isn’t that vital

Have you tried an enzyme supplement like Lactaid for your lactose intolerance?

I haven’t tried lactaid or anything to help digest lactose.

So basically the ratios don’t matter. Just eat BWx1.5 for protein requirements?

throw some pasta in there man, no grams of fat, but plenty o carbs