Bulking question

I’m about to bulk with Mag 10. I’d like to know what programs you have used while on Mag 10. How did you train during your “on week”? Did you do an AM and PM workout or double the amount of training days in a week? Let me know what you thought of the program while on Mag 10, too. Thanks.

You don’t have to train twice per day.
Any tough, complete program will work. Try OVT, the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy plan or Growth Surge Project (there’s a once per day plan in there, too.)

Checkout the training program guide below for more ideas:

Part I

Part II

And of course, put just as much effort into your nutrition as you do training.

Shugs,you beat me to it.I have had excellent results with Mag-10(I’m 54).I can’t stress enough how important diet is when on this program.If you want to get big,you have to eat big.Read the information contained in the Mag-10 box,
Chris Sugart and John Berardi have already done the research for you,all you have to do is follow the programs and bust your ass in the gym.It’s almost a paint by numbers kit.

Check out the “Max size support group” thread in the Looking good nakkid forum.

Lots of info on training and nutrition.

My wife is completely against me taking anything but whey and vitamins for cutting and bulking (e.g. yohimbe, ephedrine, etc.).

Is there any good argument that might convince her that Mag-10 is not going to f-up something that I might need later?

I am 33 and was considering Mag-10 after my first year of T-style training (I am very new to weight training).

Thanks, Rene’

Ask her if you can have your balls back first

Honesty is always the best possiblity. Tell her that A)It legal, so they can’t be that bad for you. B)You’ve done alot of research and know what your takeing is safe (it would also help if you showed her the info) C)Tell her if it gives you any ‘bad’ side effects you’ll stop. D)Tell her you want to look good for her and you want to use these products to help do that.

And if tht still don’t work, Take your balls from her and do it anyway! (just tell her there new ‘vitamins’ :wink:

Policy! I don’t know where that came from :slight_smile:

Well I guess you guys are either single or divorced. In my house things are not done unilateraly (I am the first one to get pissed when she does something without consultation), so I need to take her opinion seriously (as any potential side effects could affect her and my son - like the loss of ability to gain a living wage due to something funky happening).

Plus who needs balls if you can keep your wife happy and in the mood. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the good information guys. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks especially to Chris Shugart for taking the time to post a reply.