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Bulking Question


Hey guys, long time forum reader but first time actually posting.

I am currently 156 pounds at 5'9 up from 140 after only a week, i am pretty much eating everything and anything but at the same time getting atleast 200g+ of protein. Also i am starting the 5/3/1 routine tomorrow.

but back to my question: Is this too fast to where it could be unhealthy or bad? just curious because my mom said something about it and i told her that it is not because i was only getting probably around 1500-1800 calories a day and when i decided to start bulking i jumped up to around 3.5k-4k calories with plenty of protein,fat and carbs for everybody, and that is the reason why i jumped so much.

16 pounds in 1 week. is this okay?


yup apparently this is absolutely the norm now a days. read " are people here not trying very hard". apparently within 6 hours of training for the first time, you should gain 6 inches on your arms, 200lbs of body mass, and put 100lbs on your bench every couple days.


well, you cant expect to put on 60 lbs/month (the pace you are at) and expect it to be mostly muscle

with a 16 lb gain I would expect at least an inch to arms/legs/chest and something like a 50 lb increase in major lifts. is this what happened?


Use the Common Sense Manifesto (no, not the one by Tom Paine). If you are getting stronger, and ok with your BF, then you're doing it right! If not, then it's time to pull back a bit. 16 lbs. is a lot for one week though, just be sure not to burn yourself out too quickly.


No not exactly, defanitely gained in those areas but not 50 lb in major lifts maybe 25 but i have already been training for approximately 1 years on and off. i got up to around 154 at my peak before i started to dropp, because i picked up boxingg and that absolutely shredded me. which dropped me down to 139 losing all my muscle because i was at a solid 154 hawt abz to show that my bf was low.


What you mean by burn myself out, as in eating or what?


That and just gaining weight too fast. If you gain too rapidly, you may find yourself with too much fat gain or you may just get sick of eating so much and quit early. Just be sensible and pull back when you need to, but don't be afraid to pack on a lot of mass. We skinny dudes need to eat a lot in order to get big.

Edit: Btw, did your lifts go up during this week as well?


16 lbs in 1 week is ridiculous...

You were eating ~5k calories more every day than you were burning? Can no one here do math?


Water + Glycogen weight is my guess as to why he gained so much.


that and his initial weigh in was done naked in the morning and his final weigh in was done at night wearing all his clothes.


If you gained anything close to 16 lbs of muscle in a week then you should be on the fast track to the Olympia. You've likely gained a little muscle, a little fat and are holding on to water. Weight fluctuates and is probably not the best measure of growth, especially in such a short time span. The scale is good to get an average weight and track changes in the aggregate, not differences over a few days. The mirror and the tape measure are your friends. Do you LOOK like you've gained 16 lbs of body mass? If so, is it an improvement? If so, keep doing what you're doing, otherwise change.


^^^^^this. Its pretty typical for the first week of my bulk to put on 10 pounds or so in the first week from the added water, i think that all that extra food in your digestive system has something to do with it too


well i believe i was underweight at 139 due to constantly cardio during boxing and only eating 1500-1800 calories a day.. so possible it was me just putting back on that extra weight plus a bit that i should always maintain and have, and that is why it was so drastic.


I defanitely look like i have gained weightt, im gonna post some pics here in a few months of my progress, since i started only a week ago.


That is a really big jump but I wouldn't slam the breaks on your bulk just yet. You have been heavier and were underweight when you started. it is a lot easir to gain back weight that you have held before. As others have said a lot of it is water ect.
see how it goes for next week before you change anything, if it is still going up this fast then you should consider knocking your calories down a bit, you jumped your calories up all in one go, normally I would suggest a slower increase in calories.