Bulking Question

Ive been about 165 for the past 2 years, and now i have started to read, and now i am not so much obligated to drinking every night seeing as ive graduated. Ive read the testosterone advantage plan(meh) and just recently better than steroids.

Reading Better than steroids made me want to try the glycogen supercompensation.At the moment im on a keto run that will last until monday when i will do a glycogen supercompensation for the first time.

Directly after the GS i plan on doing a Bulk. I was wondering if i should slowly move into it, or if i could just start it. My basal caloric level is about 2140 calories.

I was planning on moving up to 3000 calories with 40% protein, 30% Fat and 30% Carbs, i read somewhere on the forums that an article here prescribed this macronutrient breakdown. Im about 8.5% bf so fat gain isnt a concern at all.

Should i change the percentages at all? would 33%,33%,33% be better? Should i automatically start 3000 calories after the GS? should i go higher?

I have all of the formulas in excel so i can change my %'s, weight and food easily so that i can change my diet quickly over time as i add weight and whatnot

Lift something heavy then EAT.

You are a prime example of “Majoring in the Minor Shit”.

If you are not a troll then I pity you.

I really wouldn’t get caught up in the details. Eat protein with every meal If you get tired of chewing so much, purchase some mass gainer type of supplement and fit it in between meals.

You’ll gain weight.

Ya don’t concentrate so closely to the macronutrient breakdown details. Just lift heavy, eat, sleep repeat…
If you keep concentratin on small details you’ll waste about a year or two if not more constantly writing down the calories in sumthin and countin them and not enough actually ingesting those calories.

I felt the above posters were somewhat harsh, dismissing the OP’s desire to optimize his diet along with his apparent ability to do so.

Then I realized he was 165 lbs.

Yeah, lift and eat.

I’m not sure on the Testosterone Advantage Plan or ‘Better than Steroids’, but my understanding is that glycogen supercompensation is usable only on the DAY OF a competition (re: not important long term).

40/30/30 is a good general outline for eating. 3000 kcal is a good starting point for you. Keep track of your progress, and make sure you justify your weight gain with strength gains (if the two go side by side, you should be gaining muscle). If you’re not gaining, up your kcals.

Get plenty of rest and good luck.

I hear ya. I usually check the profiles of new members before I post to their threads. There is only so much time that I can waste on trolls so I try to pick the semi-interesting ones to waste it on.